Casio introduces interactive user NFT community “Virtual G-SHOCK”

Casio introduces interactive user NFT community “Virtual G-SHOCK”

Casio has recently unveiled its innovative project “Virtual G-SHOCK,” which will serve as a dynamic interactive user community centered around their legendary line of shock-resistant watches.

G-SHOCK: A Legacy of Reliability

Since its debut in 1983, G-SHOCK has revolutionized the world of time with its innovative shock-resistant technology. Over time, it has become a global sensation. The Casio brand is now synonymous with reliable and durable wristwatches. It has solidified its reputation through major collaborations in the fields of fashion, sports, art, music, and more.

Community G-SHOCK of Co-Creators

The Virtual G-SHOCK community is envisioned as a central hub for collaborative creative projects and innovative experiences. The project’s initial phase includes the distribution of 15,000 limited-edition G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs via the Polygon blockchain, starting on September 23.

The first stage of the community will commence on Discord, followed by the free distribution of these limited digital collectibles. Owners of these NFTs will gain exclusive access to a range of events and projects within the Virtual G-SHOCK community.

Members can elevate their status within the community through active participation in co-creation projects. Increased contributions lead to higher levels, offering privileges such as priority access to projects and NFT acquisitions. This system is designed to incentivize active engagement and ensure that dedicated members receive recognition and benefits for their involvement. It underscores the importance of collaboration and active participation within the community.

Virtual G-SHOCK project roadmap

Casio has shared its future plans, which include hosting the G-SHOCK Creator Pass Color Design Contest. In this contest, community members will have a unique opportunity to influence the design elements of the pass, including its colors, materials, and patterns. The winning design will become the official look of the G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS.

Project Development Plan:

  1. Launch Community (on Discord)
  • Launch Date: September 5, 2023
  • The online Virtual G-SHOCK community is launched on Discord and is available to anyone interested in trying new experiences and interacting with other participants. Participation in the community is completely free of charge.
  1. Distribute G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS
  • Projected Launch: September 23, 2023
  • G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS (GSCP) NFTs, granting membership in the community, will be issued to anyone interested, absolutely free of charge.
  1. Launch Experience Projects
  • Projected for October 2023
  • New projects will be introduced in the community, inviting participants to experience new trends. Community members will have opportunities to collaborate with others on creating designs and more.
  1. Offer 3D Model G-SHOCK NFTs for Purchase
  • Projected for December 2023
  • 3D model G-SHOCK NFTs (tentative name) will be offered for purchase, allowing participants to enjoy even more fun and meaningful experiences in the community.

About G-SHOCK Achievements

With the launch of the very first G-SHOCK watch, the DW-5000C, in 1983, a new genre of durability-focused watches was established. G-SHOCK has always taken pride in its toughness and has never shied away from challenges, constantly striving for perfection. It’s all about authenticity, maintaining a unique presence for everyone who wears and appreciates G-SHOCK watches.

About Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has introduced a wide range of innovations to the world, including calculators, wristwatches, and electronic musical instruments. Guided by the concept of going from “0” to “1,” Casio continually aims to develop creative, original products never seen before in the world or the industry.

“Creativity and Contribution” are our guiding principles, driving us to meet the emerging needs of the world and consistently provide new value. Looking ahead, we remain committed to enriching lives by offering people the excitement and joy of choosing and using Casio products.

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