Mercedes-Benz releases NXT Icons NFT collection, which marks the start of the “Era of Luxury”

Mercedes-Benz releases NXT Icons NFT collection, which marks the start of the “Era of Luxury”

In a significant stride into the world of digital assets, Mercedes-Benz, the iconic automobile giant, is gearing up to launch its third NFT collection, the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons. Set to debut on September 5th, 2023, this collection marks the beginning of “The Luxury Era,” the first installment in a series of seven chapters that celebrate the brand’s storied design legacy.

In fact, the company announced this collection at the end of August, but the details appeared only recently.

Exploring “The Luxury Era” NFT project

At the helm of this pioneering endeavor is the Mercedes-Benz design team, led by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener. Their mission is to take the community on a digital odyssey through a distinguished brand design story. Each chapter in this collection is themed, promising NFT enthusiasts an enlightening journey. “The Luxury Era,” the opening chapter, aims to seamlessly blend tradition with the burgeoning Web3 frontier, encapsulating an era defined by luxury and evolution.

The core concept behind this series is to recreate some of Mercedes-Benz’s most iconic models, offering approximately 2,700 collectibles in each “era.” This ambitious undertaking culminates in a grand total of 18,860 unique pieces. The digital journey kicks off with six renowned models:

  1. Mercedes-AMG SL 63,
  2. Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600,
  3. Mercedes-Benz EQS 580,
  4. Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE,
  5. Mercedes-Benz G 500,
  6. Mercedes-Maybach S 680.

These automotive marvels are reimagined in the digital realm as masterpieces waiting to be collected.

NXT Icons in the form of a Dutch auction

The auction process for these exclusive items will deviate from the norm, adopting a format known as a rebate Dutch auction. In contrast to traditional auctions where prices ascend with competition, this innovative approach begins with a high initial price that gradually decreases over a predetermined period. The auction concludes either when all items are sold or when a minimum price threshold is reached. Ultimately, all buyers acquire their pieces at the same price, promising a fair and exciting acquisition process for NFT enthusiasts.

Post-auction, there will be a brief suspense period during which the visuals and details of the NFTs will remain concealed. Buyers and enthusiasts will have to exercise patience for an additional 24 hours before the artwork’s details are unveiled.

NFT Journey of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz isn’t a newcomer to the world of digital assets. In June 2023, the automotive powerhouse made waves with its inaugural NFT collection, “Maschine.” This collection, created in collaboration with Dutch artist Harm Van den Dorpel and art collector Fingerprints DAO, featured 1,000 Ethereum-based NFTs exploring the themes of motion and speed, artistically represented through the portrayal of a moving wheel.

The Intersection of Auto Giants and NFT

The emergence of major automobile manufacturers like Mercedes and Nissan in the Web3 space and NFT marketplaces marks a significant convergence. This union is forging an exciting path where digital artistry meets automotive legacy, offering enthusiasts a fresh and engaging way to connect with these revered brands in the digital age. As Mercedes-Benz prepares to usher enthusiasts into a new chapter with the NXT Icons collection, it invites a curious audience to witness the harmonious blend of tradition and digital innovation, charting a new course in the brand’s storied history.

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