Yuga Labs Launches Exciting Cipher Puzzle Series with Bitcoin Prizes

Yuga Labs Launches Exciting Cipher Puzzle Series with Bitcoin Prizes

After the successful launch of TwelveFold, featuring 300 unique generative art pieces on the Bitcoin blockchain earlier this year, Yuga Labs is now taking things a step further. Today, they are introducing an engaging cipher puzzle series inspired by their groundbreaking art collection, accessible at TwelveFold Puzzle.

Prizes for All – No Need to Own a TwelveFold

What makes this puzzle series particularly thrilling is that participation does not require ownership of a TwelveFold piece. While TwelveFold is renowned for its base 12 art system localized around a 12×12 grid, representing the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain, anyone can join in on the puzzle-solving fun.

Moon Puzzles with Bitcoin Rewards

Starting today, TwelveFold is releasing one Moon Puzzle every week for twelve weeks. The best part? Each of these puzzles carries a tantalizing prize of 0.12 BTC for the first person to successfully crack it. The challenge and the potential rewards are sure to capture the interest of puzzle enthusiasts and crypto aficionados alike.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The ultimate test, the Sun Puzzle, will be unveiled on the thirteenth week. The reward for solving this enigmatic puzzle is nothing short of remarkable – one of the coveted Yuga Twelvefold Ordinals.

How to Participate in Cipher Puzzle Series?

To participate in this intriguing puzzle series, you will need an Ordinals Bitcoin wallet. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet; the setup process is straightforward. You can follow the comprehensive guide provided by TwelveFold’s partners at Leather (formerly known as Hiro) here.

Head over to the TwelveFold Puzzle page to access the puzzles. Once you’ve submitted your answer, you will be required to send a Bitcoin fee (typically around $4-$8, depending on network traffic) to an indicated address to inscribe your answer onto a satoshi.

Flexible Wallet Options

TwelveFold understands that participants might have various Bitcoin wallets, so they’ve made the process adaptable. Whether you’re using a Leather wallet, Unisat Wallet, Xverse wallet, or any other, your submitted Bitcoin will be utilized to inscribe your answer onto a satoshi. The first correct answer to be inscribed will be declared the winner for that puzzle.

Claiming Your Prizes

Winners will be promptly notified via email. However, to claim your well-deserved prizes, you will need to complete a few tax forms. More details about this process can be found in the Terms and Conditions section on the TwelveFold website: TwelveFold Puzzle Terms and Conditions.

For additional information on the project, you can visit the blog at Yuga News or refer to the FAQ section for in-depth insights: TwelveFold Puzzle FAQs.

The very first puzzle of the TwelveFold cipher series is already live and waiting for intrepid minds at TwelveFold Puzzle. Best of luck, and may the best puzzler win!

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