Developer exploits Milady Maker NFT collection, stealing $1M in fees

Developer exploits Milady Maker NFT collection, stealing $1M in fees

In a shocking turn of events, the Milady Maker NFT collection, known for its anime profile picture NFTs, has fallen victim to a significant exploit, resulting in the diversion of approximately $1 million in fees generated from Remilia Corporation. Charlotte Fang, the creator of the Milady NFTs, made this unsettling revelation on X (formerly Twitter) on September 11.

Remilia Corporation, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) behind Milady Maker NFT, was hit by this exploit, which compromised its revenue. The perpetrator behind this incident was Bonkler, an experimental finance art project created in April 2023, as detailed by Fang.

The Bonkler reserves, main contract, and NFTs are safe; only Remilia’s revenue from Bonkler was compromised.” She stressed that user assets and reserves remained “unaffected” and “perfectly safe. Fang clarified

The attacker didn’t stop at diverting fees; they also targeted the project’s code bases and made an attempt to take control of Remilia’s social media accounts. This resulted in the takeover of three X accounts, including Miladymaker and Remilionaire, while Remiliacorp was locked out. Fang issued a caution, urging people to consider these three accounts as compromised until further notice. She provided new official accounts, including RemiliaCorp333, MiladyMaker333, and RemilioBaby.

Remilia has swiftly identified the individuals behind the exploit and is prepared to take legal action.

For such viciousness, I can give no quarter — the individuals involved have been terminated from Remilia Corporation, and will now be dealt with through the heavy hand of the law. Fang stated

About Milady Maker NFT Collection

Milady Maker is a prominent NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring a collection of 10,000 anime PFP NFTs designed by Charlotte Fang. Launched in 2021, this collection gained widespread attention when Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly endorsed Milady NFTs in May 2023, using imagery from the collection in a meme. This endorsement led to a rapid increase in the floor price of Milady NFTs, which surged from 3.8 ETH to 7.8 ETH.

As of the time of writing, the floor price of a Milady NFT stands at 2.3 ETH, reflecting a decrease of approximately 32% over the past 7 days, according to data from OpenSea.

The incident has undoubtedly shaken the Milady Maker NFT community, and the aftermath remains a topic of concern for many in the NFT space.

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