Magic Eden Introduces “Lucky Buy” Feature: Win Exclusive and Elite NFTs

Magic Eden Introduces “Lucky Buy” Feature: Win Exclusive and Elite NFTs

On September 12, the NFT marketplace Magic Eden announced the launch of a new feature called “Lucky Buy.” This feature is truly revolutionary, offering the opportunity to acquire coveted collectibles at a significantly lower cost. While this feature is currently in beta testing, Magic Eden invites you to participate.

How does “Lucky Buy” feature work?

“Lucky Buy” is essentially a lottery based on percentages and probabilities. Here’s an example: there’s an NFT priced at 100 SOL. With “Lucky Buy,” you can invest 15% of this price, which equals 15 SOL. This decision gives you a 15% chance of obtaining the NFT.

Here’s how the “Lucky Buy” algorithm works:

  • Only NFTs marked with a special clover symbol (🍀) are eligible.
  • To participate, you simply specify the probability in percentage or the amount of SOL you want to commit to the chosen token.
  • The platform will provide you with a transaction breakdown (potential upside, probability of winning, total item price, and your final SOL commitment) based on objective information.
  • Only after receiving this information do you make a decision.
  • After confirmation, you will find out the result.

If luck is on your side, congratulations! The NFT now belongs to you, and you can either hold onto it or trade it.

But what if you don’t win? The beauty of “Lucky Buy” lies in its boundless opportunities. There are no restrictions on how many times you can try your luck. As long as you have SOL in your wallet, you can keep trying. Plus, rest assured that “Lucky Buy” ensures everyone leaves with something valuable – diamonds!

Benefits for Buyers, Creators, and Sellers

“Lucky Buy” benefits not only buyers but also creators and sellers. There’s a standard 3% fee associated with each transaction, and it’s distributed as follows:

  • Creator Share (1%)
  • Seller Fee (1%)
  • Magic Eden (1%)

Magic Eden covers the price difference, ensuring that the seller still receives the full list price for their NFT.

For the first two weeks after its launch, “Lucky Buy” will be available for selected collections directly on Magic Eden. Don’t miss your chance to participate and test your luck!

With its commitment to fairness, transparency, and innovation, “Lucky Buy” represents a significant step forward in the NFT landscape. As more collectors and enthusiasts join this unique adventure, Magic Eden continues to demonstrate its dedication to making NFTs accessible and enjoyable for all. It’s time to try your luck, explore the world of NFTs, and perhaps discover your next digital treasure on Magic Eden.

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