Manifold Introduces Text-Code Based Minting with Claim Codes

Manifold Introduces Text-Code Based Minting with Claim Codes

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Manifold, a leading player in the blockchain space, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature known as Claim Codes, ushering in a new era of minting accessibility. This innovative approach allows users to grant minting access through simple text-based codes, eliminating the need for complex wallet addresses or allowlists.

Claim Codes are now seamlessly integrated into the Claim Page app, applicable for claims across Mainnet, Base, and Optimism. Configuring this feature is hassle-free:

  • Activate “Use Claim Codes” in your Claim Page setup.
  • Input the desired codes.
  • Publish.

With Claim Codes in place, only individuals possessing a valid code can participate in the minting process. This flexible system opens doors to creative distribution methods:

  • Inclusion with physical items.
  • Distribution at real-life events.
  • Direct messaging to prominent collectors.
  • Displaying QR codes in various locations around the city.

Notably, anyone holding an unused code can partake in minting, irrespective of the wallet address they use. An exciting example of this concept was demonstrated through a collaboration with MetaZooGames. Together, they employed Claim Codes in a creative distribution strategy.

Thousands of physical scratch-off cards were distributed, granting exclusive access to a brand-new Metazoo Profile Picture (PFP) for their most dedicated collectors.

Manifold’s introduction of Claim Codes redefines accessibility and ease of use in the minting process, emphasizing a commitment to innovation and user-friendly solutions within the blockchain space.

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