Weekly NFT News Digest: August 26-September 1, 2023

Weekly NFT News Digest: August 26-September 1, 2023

Table of contents

We present the NFT News Digest for the past week from August 26 to September 1. Follow the links to learn more about each news.

And here are the main market news for this week:

  1. The Moonbird NFT collection has just made history by completing its on-chain migration. In honor of this, the team added a new vibrant background Chromie Squiggle.
  2. Adidas has introduced a digital artist residency program called “Residency by Adidas“, which aims to provide artists with a global platform to showcase their work.
  3. OpenSea introduces a pioneering standard for redeemable NFTs through the proposed standards ERC-7496, ERC-7498 and SIP-14, SIP-15.
  4. Cryptoys, the NFT-native digital toy company backed by Andreessen Horowitz, has officially announced a collaboration that brings the Mickey Mouse and his companions into the NFT world.
  5. In an exciting development, WAGMI Games has unveiled its official partnership with OpenSea, the global NFT marketplace. This strategic collaboration arrives just in time for the eagerly anticipated Founder’s Mint event, and it signifies more than just a joint effort; it’s a remarkable opportunity to inject innovation into the mix.
  6. Hot Wheels is releasing the 6th series of its collection called NFT Garage on Mattel Creations virtual NFT marketplace powered by Rarible. The NFT drop includes unopened packages that include different models of collectible cars.
  7. The SEC filed a lawsuit against the NFT project for the first time. As a result, Impact Theory was fined $6.1 million and ordered to set up a fund to reimburse investors.
  8. Sony, the global conglomerate known for its popular PlayStation video game consoles, quietly filed a patent application in the US in September 2021 related to gaming NFTs.
  9. Amid Donald Trump’s high-profile mugshot and his arrest for election meddling in the state of Georgia, sales of his Trump Digital Trading Cards NFT collection skyrocketed.
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