NFT News Digest: Blur launched the Blend lending protocol

NFT News Digest: Blur launched the Blend lending protocol

In addition to the news that Blur launches the Blend lending protocol, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of April 30-May 5, you’ll find:

  • Sotheby’s launches NFT marketplace,
  • Doodles, backed by Adidas, launches the Pharrell Pack,
  • Dapper Labs launches Top Shots app and donates LaLiga Golazas NFTs.

Blur Launched Blend Lending Protocol

Blur NFT marketplace has partnered with Paradigm to launch the Blend perpetual lending protocol.

The Blend protocol from Blur operates on a peer-to-peer basis and provides for collateral in NFTs. This news was received with hostility by many members of the community. What is the matter here? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is the Blend lending protocol?

Blend is a lending protocol without a predetermined term. It allows borrowers and lenders to extend the term of a loan without the need to perform any special on-chain transactions. Suppose a lender decides to terminate cooperation with a certain borrower until the latter pays off the debt. Blend then holds an auction to find a new lender willing to refinance the loan. The auction starts with an interest-free rate and gradually increases until someone agrees to take over the loan.

At the same time, Blend does not charge fees from either borrowers or lenders.

The developers of the Blur also explained that the operation of the Blend protocol does not depend on oracle services.

The community reacted strongly to the news from Blur

The launch of the Blur’s Blend protocol was met with mixed reception. Twitter user Sne4ky.eth expressed concern that thanks to Blur’s innovation, large whales will be able to use the platform to manipulate the market and profit from smaller investors. Here is his tweet:

Another user expressed concern about how rising NFT asset prices would affect loan repayments. Some members of the community were also concerned about possible loopholes that Blend would open for fraudulent activities such as money laundering. However, despite conflicting opinions, Blur’s initiative could be a powerful stimulus for the development of the NFT market in the long term.

Sothebys launches NFT marketplace

Recently, the auction house Sotheby’s announced that it is releasing its own NFT marketplace. Fine art objects will be traded on it. The marketplace will play the role of a continuation of the Sotheby’s metaverse, which is dedicated to art works and collectibles.

What to expect from Sothebys Marketplace?

Transactions on the innovative marketplace from Sotheby’s will take place on a peer-to-peer basis, while sales will be completely on-chain, and transactions are planned to be made on Polygon and Ethereum. Buyers will be able to purchase outstanding masterpieces from renowned artists such as Claire Silver, Diana Sinclair, Tyler Hobbs, XCOPY, Pindar van Arman and more. In this case, there will be a monthly rotation of artists.

The new marketplace will be based on the platform for Web3-brands Mojito.

The reason for this decision of the world-famous auction house is quite understandable. Sotheby’s Metaverse has made significant strides in the primary sales phase and is now aiming to reach the same level in the secondary market with fine art.

Attention and royalties are paid to artists. Sotheby’s said it will pay out rewards on the NFT marketplace using smart contracts in accordance with the on-chain royalty rate set by the artist.

Sothebys contribution to the development of the NFT industry

By initiating the launch of its own marketplace, Sotheby’s has moved one step further towards conquering the growing world of NFT art. The background of the company and its experience in the field of traditional art is likely to attract a large number of collectors to the marketplace. Buyers of digital masterpieces can become even those users who previously refrained from participating in bidding on other platforms.

Sotheby’s is not going to stop there. This June, the auction house plans to create a new digital art gallery through the Web3 art gallery platform Oncyber. It will feature selected works from the secondary market.

Doodles Backed by Adidas Launches Pharrell Pack

Doodles, which has taken a course towards rapprochement with IRL fashion brands, has taken another step in this direction. On May 5, the NFT project launched the “Pharrell Pack” airdrop in partnership with Adidas. The initiative belongs to Pharrell Williams – a famous musician, fashion designer and Doodles CBO. In partnership with brands such as Adidas, Human Race, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, Pharrell Williams creates the Doodles fashion universe.

Doodles 2 Character Builder – a tool for creating unique avatars

Yesterday, the “Doodles 2 Character Builder” was launched in the Stoodio app, offering Doodles users to create their own unique avatar by choosing or buying clothes and accessories on the marketplace.

The team is constantly changing and diversifying the wearables featured in Stoodio, intriguing and keeping the community with the element of surprise.

Pharrell Pack – a chance to purchase unique digital and physical goods

A total of 300 free packs have been produced, including:

  • Three digital wearables;
  • Token, in exchange for which you can get an exclusive physical product;
  • Code of access/exchange of goods on Stoodio.

The 252 packs feature a large selection of the Adidas Samba digital non-green sneakers as well as their physical versions. 48 packs, in addition to digital wearables, contain the most coveted redeemable treasures.

Pharrell Pack Airdrop conditions

The 300 participants in the airdrop will be randomly selected through a lottery. They then have to do the following:

  1. Register on Stoodio
  2. Transfer your original Doodles NFT to this platform
  3. Use Duplicator NFT to create digital clothes
  4. Launch Genesis Box.

Redeem your physical items between June 6th and June 15th and digital items one month after the May 5th launch date through the Gaia marketplace by linking your Ethereum or Flow wallet to it.

All certificates not claimed within the specified time limits will be destroyed. Winners will also be eligible to buy, sell and research collectibles, including Pharrell Pack rewards, through Gaia.

Promotions like this improve the experience for NFT collectors by giving them the chance to win coveted prizes outside of Web3.

Dapper Labs launches Top Shots app and gifts LaLiga Golazas NFT

Dapper Labs, a leading developer in the NFT/blockchain space, has finally resolved the issues with its NBA Top Shot app. The company will provide basketball fans with early access to the platform during the NBA playoffs, and give football fans the NFT LaLiga Golazos.

The NBA Top Shot platform is known for selling rare game footage in the form of NFTs. The idea of capturing historical moments won the approval of fans and brought in more than 680 million dollars.

After running into problems with the NBA Top Shot app, Dapper Labs has relaunched NFT offerings for basketball fans. Following the end of the NBA Qualifier, Dapper Labs promised to improve the NBA Top Shot mobile platform based on user feedback.

With the launch of the long-awaited app, basketball fans will have access to their favorite game from anywhere, taking the stress out of commuting and lunch breaks.

LaLiga Golazas NFT – a chance to meet a soccer superstar

LaLiga Golazas, Dapper Labs’ NFT platform launched for the Spanish LaLiga football league, will host an NFT giveaway in partnership with Polish football legend Robert Lewandowski. Football fans have a chance to receive a gift set with nine digital collectibles featuring football icons. Among them are Sergio Agüero, Ronaldo Nazário, Thierry Henry and Lewandowski himself.

The owner of such an NFT-set will have incredible opportunities:

  • Win a virtual meeting and personally greet Lewandowski;
  • Use NFT to enter contests and win exclusive prizes, including T-shirts autographed by football stars;
  • More opportunities to meet Lewandowski.

However, you can only receive a gift NFT set until May 10th. Those who do not have time to take advantage of this chance will miss it forever!

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