Weekly NFT News Digest: October 7-13, 2023

Weekly NFT News Digest: October 7-13, 2023

Table of contents

We present the NFT News Digest for the past week from 7 to 13 October. Follow the links to learn more about each news.

And here are the main market news for this week:

  1. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is launching its unique NFT project “Postcards” to unite artists in a collaborative digital art project based on the Tezos blockchain.
  2. Yuga Labs organized an exclusive IRL event in Berlin for Meebits and Voyagers, where they presented Meebits’ revolutionary innovations for the Otherside metaverse.
  3. DeGods announced a return to Season 1, calling the new period The Comeback, marking a symbolic return to his roots. Against the backdrop of this news, sales and floor prices began to increase.
  4. Beeple and Yuga Labs, together with Avant Arte, launched physical prints of the highly sought-after CryptoPunks Every NFT owner can order a real imprint starting from October 26th.
  5. Kevin Pawlak, the Head of Ventures at OpenSea, was convicted of fraud and scam of an AnubisDAO worth $60 million. At the same time, OpenSea denies the allegations.
  6. China Daily, a prominent English-language newspaper under the Chinese Communist Party, announced plans to launch a cutting-edge metaverse and NFT platform.
  7. An anonymous buyer recently splurged a staggering 1,055 WETH ($1.6M) to acquire a single CrypToadz NFT on OpenSea. The transaction was executed through a digital wallet associated with Tornado Cash.
  8. The UK Parliament has published a report expressing serious concerns about the growing influence of NFTs in the arts, sports and culture.
  9. World of Women has partnered with WS Game Company, the entity behind the iconic Monopoly game, to introduce a revolutionary version of Monopoly named “MONOPOLY: World of Women (WoW) Galaxy Edition»
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