DeGods announces “The Comeback” and returns for Season 1, NFT sales soar

DeGods announces “The Comeback” and returns for Season 1, NFT sales soar

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In a bold move echoing the essence of its early days, DeGods NFT project has decided to reset all profiles back to Season 1, marking a symbolic return to its roots. Season 1 represents the genesis of DeGods NFTs, a time when the platform was all about proving its potential, having pure fun, and embracing a carefree spirit, unburdened by the weight of seriousness and drama that sometimes accompanies growth.

This nostalgic reset takes the community on a journey back to the initial days when DeGods NFTs were more about enjoyment than anything else. It harks back to a time when poking fun at themselves was the norm, driven by the simple joy of the game rather than the complexities of competition.

What’s more, DeGods enthusiasts now have the freedom to switch their avatars between Season 1, 2, or 3 directly on-chain through the DeGods website. This added flexibility allows users to explore and relish the distinct experiences offered by each season.

Exciting news also awaits the DeGods NFT community this week, as the platform introduces a seamless migration to Ethereum, offered completely free of charge. This move emphasizes DeGods’ commitment to fostering a sense of unity within its community, moving away from distinctions like “little brother, big brother,” and embracing the collective spirit of y00ts.

Alongside this significant reset, DeGods is launching several new features, including y00ts, IP, BTC DeGods, and $DUST token. These additions promise an enriched and diversified experience for DeGods enthusiasts, expanding the horizons of gameplay and interaction.

This news was also reflected in the sales of the collection: the community became more active in anticipation of innovations, and in the period since the announcement this has led to growth:

  • Floor price from 3.15 ETH to 3.8 ETH at peak,
  • Sales volume by 31%, which is over 2.2k ETH,
  • The number of transactions by 30%, which is over 700.

Only from the initial reaction can we conclude that the community reacted positively and optimistically to this news, and, finally, the team is moving in the right direction.

This reset signifies more than just a technological change; it’s a reaffirmation of the community’s shared values and the essence of why DeGods came into existence. The platform is not merely a game; it’s a vibrant community, a shared journey, and a testament to the power of enjoyment and togetherness in the world of decentralized gaming. As DeGods takes this collective step back in time, it sets a path forward—a path carved out by the community itself, paving the way for exciting new adventures and shared accomplishments. Stay tuned as y00ts return home, and the DeGods NFT community embarks on a refreshed and exciting chapter together.

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