Yuga Labs held an exclusive IRL event in Berlin, Meebits bring a revolution to Otherside

Yuga Labs held an exclusive IRL event in Berlin, Meebits bring a revolution to Otherside

Berlin came alive last night as 40 Meebits and Voyagers delved into the vibrant realm of Otherside, Yuga Labs’ groundbreaking metaverse. The second Otherside focus group, hosted by Yuga Labs, showcased the power of community engagement and innovation in the digital space.

In an eight-part Twitter thread, Yuga Labs revealed a transformative update: the comprehensive rebuild and optimization of the 20,000-strong Meebits collection tailored specifically for Otherside. Attendees were given an exclusive first look at the revamped Meebits, highlighting Yuga Labs’ commitment to enhancing the user experience.

The evening unfolded with attendees exploring a brand-new Otherside island named ‘Meetropolis.’ Nestled atop a Steppes biome, Meetropolis seamlessly melds nature with voxels, providing an immersive environment for digital adventurers. Participants marveled at the creative prowess of the Otherside team, acknowledging the expansion of fun and excitement within the metaverse.

Community reaction to Meebits update for Otherside

In the spirit of collaboration, the community offered invaluable feedback, shaping the future of Otherside. Following the event, delighted Voyagers shared their enthusiasm, expressing confidence in Otherside’s trajectory.

I feel more bullish than ever on Otherside, especially considering the level of feedback gathered after the play test. The team is listening very closely to the community. BAYC member Dim.Eth remarked

Yuga Labs CEO, Daniel Alegre, expressed his gratitude on Twitter, recognizing the attendees’ vital role in shaping Otherside’s evolution.

Thank you to all who participated in our event in Berlin yesterday. Getting real-time developmental feedback is invaluable. Getting a glimpse of what Meebits on Otherside will be like. Daniel Alegre shared

As Yuga Labs propels forward into the metaverse landscape, the next opportunity for Voyagers to immerse themselves in Otherside awaits at ApeFest 2023, Yuga Labs’ upcoming digital experience. With each event, Otherside continues to redefine the boundaries of virtual reality, creating an inclusive space where creativity knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of Otherside.

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