Diesel, in collaboration with Fossil Group, presented a collection of Vert NFT watches

Diesel, in collaboration with Fossil Group, presented a collection of Vert NFT watches

Diesel, in collaboration with the Fossil Group, has unveiled ‘Vert,’ a revolutionary timepiece collection that integrates seamlessly into Diesel’s ongoing Metamorph project, delving deep into the realms of the Metaverse.

Inspired by organic forms, Diesel’s Creative Director, Glenn Martens, envisioned Vert as a fusion of bone structure and futuristic design. This collection, comprising five unique iterations, introduces a captivating blend of fashion and technology. Two of these designs are limited-edition models, limited to just 300 pieces, adding an air of exclusivity to this groundbreaking release.

NFT Avatars: Your Gateway to the Diesel Metaverse

What sets Vert apart is its symbiotic relationship with the digital world. Each physical watch in the Vert collection comes with a corresponding NFT, opening the door to Diesel’s immersive Metaverse. Buyers receive a special code, leading them through a transformative journey, evolving their digital assets into bespoke Diesel NFT avatars, lovingly named ‘A:VERT:AR.’ These avatars find their home in the Vert virtual world, offering endless adventures until November 17.

Diesel’s Metaverse: A Symphony of Challenges and Creativity

Crafted in collaboration with Web3 creative agency Artificial Rome, Diesel’s Metaverse is more than a digital space—it’s an experience. Players, whether Diesel watch owners or not, can immerse themselves in a world where time stands still. Guided by their avatars, they navigate challenges, unlocking new dimensions of creativity and engagement. The journey culminates in an exclusive digital concert featuring the rising musician Lil’ Dre, a testament to Diesel’s synergy with the music world.

Diesel’s Vision: A Web3 World for All

Diesel’s foray into the Metaverse isn’t just for watch enthusiasts; it’s an inclusive embrace of the digital realm. While other brands limit access to token holders, Diesel breaks these barriers. The Vert Metaverse experience welcomes everyone through a base avatar, fostering a sense of community and accessibility.

As part of the broader OTB Group, Diesel is committed to demystifying the complexities of the Web3 world. Their dedication to inclusivity resonates through the creation of BVX, the group’s open Metaverse launched in 2021. Diesel’s Metamorph project isn’t just a promise; it’s a living, breathing reality, inviting explorers from all walks of life to discover and thrive in its fashion-infused, blockchain-based ecosystem.

Join Diesel on this groundbreaking journey, where time, fashion, and technology converge, ushering in a new era of digital experiences and endless possibilities in the Metaverse. Welcome to Vert: where the future of time begins.

Take part in the experience, which starts November 2 at 10p.m. ET and runs through 9a.m. November 17 on vert.diesel.com.

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