UK Parliament released Report on the connection of NFTs with Art, Sport, and Culture

UK Parliament released Report on the connection of NFTs with Art, Sport, and Culture

In a new report┬ápresented by the UK Parliament’s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, serious concerns are raised about the increasing influence of NFTs in the realms of art, sports, and culture. The report, titled ” NFTs in sport and culture: Artists, consumers and club reputations at risk from rise of crypo assets, MPs warn,” underscores potential pitfalls such as intellectual property violations, fraudulent advertising, and financial risks for consumers.

Art and Culture: Intellectual Property Risks

The report highlights significant intellectual property risks in the NFT space. It emphasizes how the ease of creating infringing NFTs compared to the challenge artists face in enforcing their rights exacerbates the risk of copyright infringement. The sheer volume of NFTs hosted across platforms complicates individual enforcement through notice-and-takedown requests. The Committee recommends that the government collaborate with NFT platforms to address this issue and enable copyright holders to protect their rights effectively.

Additionally, the report calls for the introduction of a code of conduct for online marketplaces operating in the UK, including NFT platforms. This code aims to protect creators, consumers, and sellers from copyright-infringing and fraudulent materials sold on these platforms.

Professional Sports: Fan Tokens and Financial Risks

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in professional sports, offering a new revenue stream for athletes, clubs, and leagues. However, the report emphasizes inherent risks faced by fans investing in these assets. The report distinguishes between regular NFTs and utility tokens, known as fan tokens in a sports context. Despite promises of privileges and bonuses to token holders, they often fail to deliver on engaging fans. The Committee suggests excluding fan tokens from any metrics measuring fan engagement in sports, including upcoming regulations in football.

Advertising Challenges: Mitigating Consumer Harm

The report discusses the complexities of advertising NFT products, highlighting significant risks to consumers, even in the case of legitimate products. False advertisements and endorsements can facilitate scams and fraud. The Committee recommends that the government respond to evidence regarding misleading and/or fraudulent advertising for NFTs. It should compel the entire advertising supply chain to take measures to mitigate consumer harm arising from the marketing of NFTs.

Traditional regulatory regimes have failed to protect both creatives and consumers caught up in the volatile new crypto world… The government must ensure that every participant in the crypto chain works towards adequately safeguarding consumers and creators’ rights. Chair of the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, stated

As the NFT space continues to evolve, regulatory efforts and consumer protection become paramount. The recommendations of this report mark a significant step toward ensuring responsible growth of NFTs in the UK.

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