Inferno Drainer stole 13 top NFTs from Blur marketplace

Inferno Drainer stole 13 top NFTs from Blur marketplace

Inferno Drainer, a malicious phishing service provider, stole thirteen top NFTs from the Blur marketplace. The stolen digital assets include Cool Cat #9951, Ordinal Kubz #1785, Cool Pets #9951, Beanz #18726, Kubz #2532, Kubz #7556, ProjectPXN #1020, and several Shadow Wolves NFT collections. The amount of losses exceeds $100,000.

The theft was confirmed by PeckShield, a well-known watchdog organization and blockchain security infrastructure developer.

What is the Inferno Drainer organization?

Inferno Drainer is responsible for stealing several million dollars in the blockchain space.

Inferno Drainer is not just a group of hackers. It works on the following principle: it provides thousands of scammers with its malicious software for hacking attacks in exchange for a commission of 20-30% of the stolen assets. In Q2-Q3 2023 alone, the company created more than 700 phishing sites, which resulted in the theft of more than $6 million worth of assets from nearly 5,000 victims. These schemes

Why are NFTs being stolen in a “dead” NFT market?

This event once again confirms the attractiveness of the industry not only for NFT investors, but also for hackers who see huge potential in this market. On the one hand, this forces the majority of players to be constantly on the alert and take a closer look at crypto security. On the other hand, this observation is a refutation of the notion that the NFT market is dead. Agree, if he were dead, there would be no multi-million-dollar liquidity, valuable digital assets and phishing organizations that specialize specifically in NFT projects? Look to the root of the global situation and do not succumb to general panic attacks. Remember that your panic is beneficial to someone, and no one has canceled the FOMO effect.

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