Cory Van Lew is raffling off exclusive 1/1 NFTs in the quest Cure

Cory Van Lew is raffling off exclusive 1/1 NFTs in the quest Cure

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Cory Van Lew, a well-known digital artist in the NFT space, launched a quest on August 14 with valuable author prizes in the form of digital assets. To do this, the artist posts mysterious tweets with riddles about his life and work, which all participants need to solve. The first person to do this and enter the password from the hint will be rewarded with Cure – an exclusive 1/1 Cory Van Lew NFT.

The first phase of the quest has already begun with a free open version of the NFT, which everyone could mint on, but literally 5 minutes after the announcement, due to the influx of people, the site ceased to function. And now the sales are closed – the entire mint is minted.

Those who managed to mint the GRIFT NFT became happy participants in the contest and started the second phase of the quest. Those who are especially attentive have already noticed one of the first clues, which sounds like “Clue: The answers on the tin, The numbers on the cap, #12729”

And now everyone is closely following the artist’s Twitter in search of the next puzzles. The first winner is already out, it’s @0xBuffalo. Perhaps you will be next?

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