Infinity Checks NFT collection by Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH hacked

Infinity Checks NFT collection by Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH hacked

In July, Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH launched the Infinity Checks NFT collection. At first, it attracted increased attention, first because of the idea and the big names of the creators. And now the creators have reported that the smart contract has been hacked and all the money has been stolen.

But let’s talk about everything in order.

What is Infinity Checks NFT Collection?

The Infinity Checks NFT collection was created to solve the main problem of the NFT market: speculation and concern only for profit.

The mechanics works in such a way that with the popularity of the collection, its floor price grows and, accordingly, the entry barrier grows. Because of this, digital assets become inaccessible to many, and the project team focuses on keeping the bar and profit. As a consequence of this common pattern of behavior, impulsive market fluctuations, multiple speculation and distrust of the market occur. This is contrary to the principles of decentralization.

Jack Butcher, the famous creator of the popular collections Opepen Edition and Checks – VV Edition, together with Jalil.ETH created this collection to correct this trend. The project is more than just art or technical innovation. This is a unique system that balances art, a well-thought-out economic model, a fundamental ideology and a strong community. And it got a very big response.

Here are some facts about the collection:

  • An endless supply of tokens, each representing the original essence of the art, not the main bidding item.
  • Fixed price of 0.008 ETH.
  • If the owner wants to return the investment, he can do it at any time. The fact is that the smart contract contains a depository, the funds in which are always ready for withdrawal. And just the same, this became a fatal error and a loophole for hackers.

How was the Infinity Checks NFT collection hacked?

On August 10, the co-founder of Jalil.ETH announced the shocking news on his Twitter. The hackers found an error in the smart contract, thanks to which they withdrew absolutely all the funds, which is almost 40 ETH (about 73k dollars). The organizer gives detailed technical explanations:

The founders of Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH immediately admitted all the blame and promised to return all the stolen money, and the site was blocked. An investigation is underway at the moment.

In this case, there is no doubt that the funds will be returned, as the creators value their unconditional and high reputation. Most recently, Jack Butcher created a huge public outcry and engagement from all the major players in the NFT market through the hype around the Opepen Edition on Twitter.

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