DeLabs told the details of DeGods NFTs Season III

DeLabs told the details of DeGods NFTs Season III

DeLabs today finally revealed the details of the upcoming DeGods Season III. And this news only increases the market interest in the entire ecosystem of the project. By the way, the team decided to postpone the implementation of the Female DeGods NFTs ecosystem project; this collection was talked about a lot in the information space, and now, finally, there are specifics.

The company recently updated the site, switched from Polygon to Ethereum; and all these innovations inevitably lead to Season III.

Against the backdrop of all the news of the project over the past 7 days, the number of transactions increased by 2000%, and sales increased by 1500%.

What will happen in DeGods NFTs Season III?

So, what can the community expect in the new season:

  • Now the DeGods characters are funny and funny, that is, new features have been added.

  • New characters have a flat 2D design. That is, now there are no shadows, 3D elements and unnecessary details. This is another feature that demonstrates simplicity and minimalism. It was them, as a principle, that DeLabs took as a vector of development. A new site has been made under this principle, which brings us back in style to the 2000s.
  • In the new season, avatars are drawn in the style of old comics and pop art. This is the world’s first Art Downgrade, which is based on the simplest art style, combining retro, 60s pop scene and classic American comics. An example was the work of such artists as Roy Lichtenstein, Hiroshi Nagai.
  • With Midjourney every owner can use 1000 new hints for free. This move demonstrates the potential of AI in the NFT space.

  • Season III launches Points Parlor, which all owners can start playing in the coming hours.

What is Points Parlor game?

Points Parlor is not just a game:

  • This is a multifunctional platform where owners can use local loyalty points and thus win various rewards.
  • The prize pool includes over $250,000 in prizes.
  • The prize fund can be expanded by various brands that will become sponsors. This step will provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness, strengthen the community and receive valuable prizes and gifts for holders.

In this way, the team is increasingly realizing the project’s vision of core values: a thriving community, true art, and mutually beneficial trade.

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