PxN: Ghost Division: anime NFT fighters take over Web 3.0

PxN: Ghost Division: anime NFT fighters take over Web 3.0

Anime fans will love this. PxN: Ghost Division is an NFT collection of cool anime fighters. It is represented by female and male characters with attractive appearance and detailed gear. There was market hype at once, with sales of PxN: Ghost Division NFTs exceeding $50 million just three days after the launch in secondary markets.


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What is PxN: Ghost Division?

PxN: Ghost Division is a collection of 10,000 NFTs of ERC-721 standart hosted on the Ethereum network. The project was launched on March 13, 2022.

The underbelly of Web3. A shadow vague, formless, but eternal.A quite mysterious description of the project

The collection is based on a series of anime characters who are fighters in the regiments during a certain resistance. Each regiment is used independently. What exactly each regiment will do depends on the personalities that make it up. Each regiment receives a so-called stipend in the form of PxN tokens. They can be earned either passively or by contributing to the Ghost Division community.

It should be noted that PxN: Ghost Division is not just a PFP collection. This is a large technological base. The Phantom Network, known as Project PxN or PxN, is a web3 Initial NFT Offering (INO) crowdfunding initiative. It has evolved into a web3 technology company building a brand-focused technology product. That’s why there’s a PxN acronym in the project’s name. And Ghost is a name of a PxN NFT holder.


PxN: Ghost Division in numbers

  • A collection of 10,000 tokens was launched on March 13, 2022.
  • During the mint, 4,000 tokens could be minted through the Dutch auction. The initial minting price was 2 ETH, then the price decreased by 0.05 ETH every 15 minutes. The last price of the auction was 0.1 ETH. During this auction, 2 NFTs could be minted per wallet.
  • The remaining 6,000 pieces were distributed according to a whitelist. The whitelist minting price was 1 ETH with wallet limit of 1 NFT.
  • The project is ranked 39th among the best collections in terms of sales of all time on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea.
  • Total secondary sales exceeded 46k ETH (over $70 million at current exchange rates),
  • Floor price is 0.17 ETH (about $250).
  • Average sales are in the range from 0.15 ETH to 0.3 ETH.
  • The most expensive #6124 was sold on May 14, 2022 for 37.69 ETH ($77k at the time of sale).
  • Total 5,022 unique holders (50%). This shows the low chances of whales interconnection within the project. Thus, the risk of undesirable project manipulation from the inside is minimal.
  • Only about 3% of the collection (294 pieces out of 10,000) are for sale, among them the offers range from 0.17 ETH to 3 ETH. This shows that almost all holders see the project as a great investment prospect and are not in a hurry to part with their assets at a lower price.

Data (including exchange rates) are given at the time of publication of the article (February 14, 2023)


PxN: Ghost Division types and attributes

The PxN: Ghost Division collection consists of 100 regiments, and each regiment has 100 resistance fighters. You can see the regiment number on each image in the lower right corner. That’s the way of forming of each fighter’s serial number.

You can find 8 types of branches among the regiments:

  1. Army (2,475 fighters),
  2. Support (2,274 fighters),
  3. Navy (1,201 fighters),
  4. Airforce (1,188 fighters),
  5. Historical (1,151 fighters),
  6. Special Ops (692 fighters),
  7. Shinobi (575 fighters),
  8. Astronaut (444 fighters).
PxN Ghost Division types nft
Each branche has unique ammo and abilities

Among them there are also 4 types of characters:

  • Human (7,790 characters),
  • Ao Oni (1,096 characters),
  • Aka Oni (1,078 characters),
  • Ectoplasma (36 characters).

Each fighter has its own unique characteristics and traits. A total of 14 characteristics have been created, including:

  • Background (24 types),
  • Earring (23 types),
  • Eyes (52 species),
  • Head (289 types),
  • Mask (23 types),
  • Outfit (152 types), and so on.


Who created PxN: Ghost Division?

The creators of the PxN: Ghost Division project are quite anonymous:

The creators were already authors of successful projects. 0 Rei and lil pants are also the creators of the Nanoverse HQ metaverse with over 200,000 Twitter followers.

The developers claim that PxN: Ghost Division and Nanoverse HQ are independent projects that have a common universe and IP. But the boundaries between them can blur, and that enhances the effect of these projects.


PxN: Ghost Division Idea

Project PxN: Ghost Division PxN has as much to do with technology as it does with full-fledged Web 3.0 network. The goal of the team is to create a product that everyone will want to use (like Bitcoin in its niche). There should be something of Web3 nature that could be useful and community-driven. Thus, the project seeks to bring people together using Web 3.0 technology. This trend has gained popularity recently.

We are none of us alike, and yet we are the same. We are from the ends of the earth and everywhere in between. We were once strangers, but here we are together, united by a singular belief – our world is about to change. The legend of the project is formulated in a mysterious and belligerent way

According to the project’s team, it doesn’t matter who a person is because everyone can find something of value on the Phantom Network. With the help of NFT PxN: Ghost Division, you’ll be able to make the most of your potential in Web 3.0 and do much more good than in the real world.

So, what is PxN?

  • A platform with features and utilities built for Web3,
  • Native token $PXN
  • Using $PXN allows access to tools and services on the PxN platform.
  • Bonus: Whitebox for Ghost owners with randomized items.

It’s noteworthy that Ghost Division NFT owners get perks. They are whitelisted for affiliate projects and receive $PXN tokens for holding NFTs while being even inactive community members. And it can be used to set up NFTs, subscribe to tools, and advertise within the PXN platform.


Why is PxN: Ghost Division popular?

The popularity of the project can be explained by the following reasons:

  • Ghosts, cyberpunk, hacker subculture, and anime style characters are extremely popular nowadays. The latter attracted anime fans to the project. These trends are quite popular among NFT projects and are in demand by the community.
  • The resemblance of some of the fighters to real anime characters. This fact caused at first criticism from the community. However, the influx of new member was enormous.
  • The relation of the project to Web 3.0 technology. This quite young technology is present in every blockchain ecosystem and has its supporters among the representatives of the centralized platforms. PxN: Ghost Division acts as a platform for connecting Web 3.0 projects.
  • Visually, NFTs look attractive, they’re well-drawn. And the characters are attractive as well.


PxN: Ghost Division Roadmap

The roadmap is divided into 3 stages, and the team is now at the first one.

The first stage involves the following:

  • Holders will have access to the PxN platform that has many different utilities and PXN + Grey market Chat.
  • Expanding the user base through large-scale partnerships with strong communities. As a result, the project should enter the wider crypto space and beyond.
  • More than 9% of the total amount of $PXN tokens will be distributed among the holders.
  • Possibility to receive an airdrop in the form of Whitebox with secret content.

Further plans for stages 2 and 3 are still kept secret by the team.


PxN: Ghost Division Ecosystem

The project is quite ambitious, but it’s still too young. During its lifetime, only the $PXN token has been implemented that serves as an application token. In the future, the developers promise to expand the PxN Network ecosystem.

$PXN Token

Some time after the launch of the collection, the $PXN token and its tokenomics were introduced.

PXN Ghost Division nft $PXN
$PXN Token Distribution

The total issuance is 400 million tokens that will be minted annually as a batch on the main Ethereum network and stored in the ProjectPXN treasury contract for further distribution as needed. The treasury balance represents the total liquidity of $PXN on PxN at any time.

Unused PXN tokens remain in the treasury. The developers also claim that a new token distribution program will be ready soon.

You can get a token for:

  • just holding tokens,
  • active participation in the universe’s life,
  • community ranking, which is assigned and depends on the work done to cover the project on social media.

Being the core of the Phantom Network, $PXN will play an essential role in every aspect of the platform. You can use the token for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of enhancements, equipment, and upgrades for your fighters,
  • Fee for subscription to platform tools,
  • Listing fees,
  • Grey market listing fee,
  • Phantom Network Information System (PxNIS) hosting fee where you can host advertisements, content, blogs, etc.


How much does PxN: Ghost Division cost?

At the time of launch in March 2022, mint was divided into 2 stages:

  • 4,000 tokens could be minted through a Dutch auction. The initial minting price was 2 ETH, then the price decreased by 0.05 ETH every 15 minutes. The last price of the auction was 0.1 ETH. During this auction, 2 NFTs could be minted per wallet.
  • The remaining 6,000 were distributed according to a whitelist. The whitelist minting price was 1 ETH with wallet limit of 1 NFT.

There was immediate market hype, with sales exceeding $50 million in secondary markets just three days after the launch.

And how are things now?

To visualize the price dynamics, we made a slice of the average price for 1 NFT:

  • in June 2022 – 0.7 ETH,
  • in September 2022 – 0.2 ETH,
  • in December 2022 – 0.2 ETH.

Now (February 14, 2023) the minimum price is 0.17 ETH. On average, the latest sales are in the range of 0.15-0.3 ETH. And the total volume of secondary sales amounted to more than 46k ETH (about $70 million).


Most Expensive PxN: Ghost Division Sales

The most expensive sales are led by the following NFTs from the PxN: Ghost Division collection:

  1. #6124 was sold on May 14, 2022 for 37.69 ETH ($77k at the time of sale),
  2. #4641 was sold on May 14, 2022 for 36.9 ETH ($75k at the time of sale),
  3. #1426 was sold on May 14, 2022 for 35 ETH ($71k at the time of sale),
  4. #8706 was sold on May 14, 2022 for 30 ETH ($61k at the time of sale).
Most Expensive Sales NFT PxN Ghost Division
Most Expensive Sales of PxN: Ghost Division NFTs


Where to buy PxN: Ghost Division?

Currently, PxN: Ghost Division can only be purchased on the secondary market, on marketplaces such as OpenSea, X2Y2 and LooksRare.


How to buy PxN: Ghost Division?

  1. Remember that initially you need to connect your crypto wallet with self-storage to the marketplace of your choice.
  2. Next, find the official collection using the search bar on the marketplace.
  3. Analyze and choose the NFT you want to buy; click on it and then on the “Buy” button.
  4. Or you can bet on the token you like. Make sure you leave enough ETH for gas or transaction fees. If the seller approves your bid, the deal goes through.


Should you invest in PxN: Ghost Division?

After the launch, the project was one of the leaders in terms of sales on the secondary markets, thereby attracting everyone’s attention. Because of this, the floor price went up many times in the first month of sales. Now, some time after the hype and price stabilization, you can take a sober look at the project and evaluate its investment attractiveness.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in PxN: Ghost Division:

  • The project is still at its early age. The project roadmap is divided into 3 stages. To date, the first stage has not been fully implemented, but the ambitions and plans of the team are promising. So, it is now possible to enter the project at a lower threshold until it has become a large-scale technological brand.
  • Large-scale use of the $PXN internal utility tokens that will be distributed to NFT holders.
  • Random users will be awarded a Whitebox for owning NFTs and contributing to the PXN Network community. There will be valuable items in it in the form of tokens and other items of value.
  • NFT owners will be included in the whitelists of partner projects.
  • The anime trend is currently in demand in any format and implementation. Fans of this genre do not spare money, attention and time for their favorite projects. Thus, they form a strong, loyal community. In terms of investment appeal, this is quite important because it is one of the signs of good liquidity. Communities also help spread the word about a project, raising awareness and interest in the project.

In any case, do your own in-depth analysis and research when investing in NFTs, and then make your own decision.


Opinion of NFTMetria

PxN: Ghost Division is still in its early age. The launch of the project has been quite successful, with over 400,000 followers joining Twitter page, and that number continues to grow. The tokens could be used even if the owner is not involved in the life of the project’s community, and perfectly drawn NFTs add to the desire to purchase them and dive into the world of Web 3.0. Besides, by purchasing PxN: Ghost Division NFTs you become part of a promising and ambitious Web 3.0 brand that will grow and become more recognizable.

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