Web3 Powerhouses Unite: Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs Forge Gaming Alliance

Web3 Powerhouses Unite: Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs Forge Gaming Alliance

The gaming industry witnesses a groundbreaking collaboration as Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, the visionary force behind the immersive Life Beyond gaming destination, announces a strategic partnership with DFZ Labs, the renowned creator of the Web3 brand Deadfellaz.

Details about Alliance of Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs

Darewise and DFZ Labs are set to revolutionize the Web3 landscape by pooling their expertise through an advisory framework, fostering growth, and expanding their Web3 player communities.

DFZ Labs, established in 2021, has a portfolio focusing on digital identity, creator empowerment, and emerging technologies. Notable titles include Deadfellaz, DFZ Gaming, and the upcoming trading card game, “RIP TCG.”

Under this strategic alliance, Deadfellaz avatars and content will seamlessly integrate into various aspects of Life Beyond, including the highly anticipated BOTS game and the Alpha and Beta versions slated for release in Q2 and Q4 of 2024, respectively. The Horde, as the Deadfellaz community is affectionately known, actively engages in streaming and content creation, utilizing animated avatars called Streamingfellaz, created by Hologram Labs, to showcase gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

To commemorate this collaboration, Darewise has acquired three Deadfellaz PFP NFTs and 50 packs of NFTs from the upcoming Deadfellaz Trading Card Game. These NFTs will play a pivotal role in community battles and engagement, introducing an interactive and exciting element to the partnership.

Collaboration is one of the foundational cornerstones of Web3, and it is a huge honor to envision something new and build it alongside such visionary peers as Darewise and Animoca Brands. Betty, CEO of DFZ Labs, expressed enthusiasm

The Deadfellaz brand is one of the most recognized IPs in the Web3 space. We are looking forward to working closely together and sharing each other’s expertise. Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise Entertainment added


The strategic partnership between Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs signifies a momentous collaboration, where Web3 giants join forces to shape the future of gaming. As Deadfellaz avatars seamlessly blend into the Life Beyond metaverse, the stage is set for an innovative and collaborative gaming experience that transcends boundaries. The incorporation of NFTs adds a unique dimension, engaging the community in battles and competitions, making this partnership a significant milestone in the Web3 gaming realm. The future holds the promise of a thriving ecosystem where expertise, innovation, and community engagement converge to redefine the gaming landscape.

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