Axie Infinity: Homeland Beta Unveils New Features Amidst Controversy

Axie Infinity: Homeland Beta Unveils New Features Amidst Controversy

Sky Mavis has officially launched the open beta for Axie Infinity: Homeland, and the gaming community is buzzing with a mix of excitement and controversy. The highly anticipated release introduces several innovative features, but it is not without its share of discontent among the existing player base.

Controversial Changes to Axie Infinity Landscape

Axie Infinity: Homeland, previously in a closed beta phase since late 2022, has undergone a significant transformation for its open beta. One of the most contentious alterations is the removal of the land staking campaign. While no longer requiring NFTs, the game’s reset, coupled with changes in art style and user experience (UX), has left some players dissatisfied.

The removal of the land staking campaign, initially introduced as a means for land NFT holders to passively earn daily AXS tokens, has led to frustration among existing players. The campaign served as an anchor for land’s floor prices, and its cessation has resulted in anger, rage-quitting, and the dumping of land by NFT holders who relied on passive income.

It is also inevitable that some of the Land Working Group members will leave due to emotions and disappointments. Gaming content creator Aftermath TV, expressing the sentiments of many, stated on X

Product releases and even products can be right or wrong, but that doesn’t change our commitment to Land. In response, Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen acknowledged the discontent, stating

Axie Infinity: Homeland’s Teasers and Exciting Features

Amid the controversy, Sky Mavis teased the beta launch of Axie Infinity: Homeland with a glimpse into its exciting new features. The introduction of the ‘New Delegation Marketplace’ promises to streamline asset management for players, bringing efficiency to in-game collaborations.

The ‘Land Delegation Marketplace’ enables landowners to create delegation contracts, unlocking new Play-to-Earn possibilities. This update empowers stewards with access to unused Homeland plots, fostering collaboration, and teamwork among players.

In a bid to enhance the gaming community aspect, the beta version integrates Axie NFTs into a vibrant 3D world. Players can bring their Axies to life in a 3D environment, creating a more immersive experience. The ‘Axie Management Panel’ facilitates efficient management and integration of these digital assets, adding depth and value to the game.

Excitingly, the AXS Reward Loop, an updated ‘Quest System,’ and other mechanics aim to engage players further, catering to various playing styles.

As Axie Infinity: Homeland embarks on this new chapter, controversy and all, it stands as a testament to Sky Mavis’s commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. Stay tuned for the upcoming Beta launch date and witness the unfolding story of Homeland in this groundbreaking journey.

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