iCandy and Animoca Brands Unleash Web3 Sensation ‘Snaky Cat’ on Coinbase’s Base Chain

iCandy and Animoca Brands Unleash Web3 Sensation ‘Snaky Cat’ on Coinbase’s Base Chain

iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI) @iCandyInteract, a leading game developer with a community of over 370 million gamers globally, has unveiled its latest venture, the Web3 game ‘Snaky Cat,’ in collaboration with Animoca Brands. The release takes place on the Base chain, a Layer 2 solution incubated by Coinbase @coinbase, promising an innovative fusion of classic gameplay and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Snaky Cat: A Web3 Multiplayer Marvel

Developed by iCandy’s subsidiary studio, Appxplore, Snaky Cat introduces players to a multiplayer Web3 experience where they navigate unique feline characters with snake-like bodies, consuming food to elongate their form. The game pays homage to the simplicity and thrill of classic snake games while integrating Web3 components, enabling users to participate in a cryptocurrency prize pool denominated in TOWER tokens.

Strategic iCandy with Animoca Brands Partnership Elevates Gameplay

iCandy has strategically partnered with Animoca Brands, a trailblazer in digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse. Animoca Brands actively contributed to the design and implementation of Snaky Cat’s Web3 features. The collaboration leverages the expertise of both entities to enhance user experiences and advance the integration of blockchain in gaming.

Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed excitement about Snaky Cat’s launch on Base, emphasizing its contribution to the industry’s march towards mass adoption. iCandy Group Chairman Kin Wai Lau echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the company’s dedication to Web3 innovation.

Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base, lauded projects like Snaky Cat for embracing Base and pushing the boundaries of on-chain gaming. He sees it as a significant step towards a more inclusive and connected digital future.

Base Chain: The Foundation for Innovation

The game unfolds on the Base chain, a secure, low-cost Ethereum Layer 2 solution developed by Coinbase. Base aims to introduce blockchain to a broader audience, with economic efficiency at its core. The quarterly trading volume of Coinbase, standing at US$92 billion, underscores the significance of the Base chain in the crypto ecosystem.

Snaky Cat: Play-to-Earn Dynamics and TOWER Token Integration

Snaky Cat’s gameplay involves a Play-and-Earn model, requiring players to utilize TOWER tokens and connect their wallets before starting. Players compete for rare power-ups to extend their gameplay timer, avoiding collisions with obstacles and other players. The objective is to become the longest cat, securing a position on the leaderboard and a chance to win TOWER tokens.

As Snaky Cat begins its journey on the Base chain, the collaboration between iCandy, Animoca Brands, and Coinbase sets the stage for a new era in Web3 gaming, blending nostalgia with forward-looking blockchain integration. The game’s Play-to-Earn model and TOWER token rewards are poised to capture the attention of gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, fostering a dynamic and engaging gaming ecosystem.

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