NFT viral promotion – мaking noise and talking about your NFT

NFT viral promotion – мaking noise and talking about your NFT

You are an NFT artist and your goal is to become a sought-after NFT artist and have popular NFT projects? But at the same time, do you want to move away from the promotion standards? Excellent! So, the article about the NFT viral promotion is for you.


What is NFT viral promotion?

NFT viral promotion is one of the most effective, powerful methods for promoting NFTs on the Web. Most often, the carrier of this promotion is:

  • video content;
  • images;
  • flash animations;
  • music;
  • games.

The basis of the NFT viral promotion is psychology, and the meaning of this approach is extremely simple:

  • There is content that literally makes a person share it with their friends.
  • Users begin to distribute this content to their friends, and those to theirs.
  • All this is done completely voluntarily, without the use of any calls and triggers to take action.
  • marketing works on the same principle as word of mouth, only it functions on the Internet: on blogs, in social networking communities, on video hosting sites, etc. And the main distributor of promotion is its recipient.


The main principles of NFT viral promotion

Using viral marketing is very important to sell a quality product or service, but more importantly, the ability to use imagination to create content that is provocative, hooks users, provokes them to share it.

The most important and difficult thing is to bring a person to the state: «Have you seen THIS yet?!». That is why this advertising must be bright, memorable, unique, creative, unusual.

According to statistics, every 4th person who sees interesting content shares it with their friends. And he shares precisely good, carefully crafted content, which often goes beyond the city or country and becomes world famous.

The main difference between high-quality viral advertising is the speed of its distribution. And often such content is distributed exponentially.

Rules for Successful Viral NFT Promotion

Rules for Successful NFT Viral Marketing

  1. Ease of distribution

It is necessary to create conditions when it is easy for a person to view the content himself and simply pass it on. For example, you do not need to register to watch the video on the link. You open the page and get the content.

  1. Uniqueness

It must be remembered that the virus will only work once. Then a strong immunity will be developed to it. Without changes and new ideas, such advertising does not work.

  1. High propagation speed

The advertising message must not stop. Marketers have calculated that the virus has only three days to spread. If during this time it does not become recognizable by at least 30% of the target audience, there is almost no chance of success. To increase the speed, influential media people are often attracted, who will definitely influence the target audience.

  1. Competent optimization

Without hashtags, social share buttons, links, and other hooks, a promotion campaign is worthless. So you can simplify the distribution of content, make it more accessible.

  1. Idea

Without fail, it must «catch», show a completely new look at familiar things, or generally demonstrate something unique, innovative, incredibly creative.

  1. Lack of direct sales

The connection of this promotion with an NFT collection or with the legend of the creation of a token should be minimally perceptible and unobtrusive. Users will not start sharing a banal advertising post, and the «viral system» will not work. But there are exceptions, albeit rare.


Resources for hosting viral NFT

After creating a viral NFT, it must be successfully launched to the target audience. This process is called «viral seeding». The choice of sites for depends on the characteristics of the target audience – its age, interests, nature of behavior on the Internet. As a resource for sowing use:


Benefits of NFT viral promotion

  1. Economic benefit

Promotion on well-known marketplaces or publications in top online publications will require serious investments. NFT viral promotion is free distribution. People themselves share the token, discussing the details with pleasure.

  1. Formation of a loyal audience

The user receives a link to original and interesting content from trusted, in his opinion, sources. Usually these are friends, large information or entertainment resources, famous bloggers, etc. Such distribution does not require your activity, it looks absolutely natural and arouses interest.

  1. No restrictions from censorship

This is one of the important incentives for the development and popularity of the NFT viral promotion. Often the interest of the public is turned to taboo topics: sexuality and scandals. There will be problems with their use on censored platforms.

  1. Long life cycle and unlimited time

For example, paid advertising campaigns on Reddit are shown only for a certain time, while you have paid promotion. With viral marketing, information is in constant motion and does not stop. People pass links to your post to each other, viewing the content at a convenient time and an unlimited number of times. Experts say that this marketing can exist for two to three years and remain recognizable.


Disadvantages of NFT viral promotion

  1. The need to use other promotional activities

Despite the many benefits of viral marketing, it cannot be used solely. It is possible to fully reveal all the possibilities of such promotion only in combination with other types of marketing activities. However, it is worth remembering that even the most successful campaign will not help when your collection does not meet the expectations of the audience or is not in trend.

  1. The need for continued interest

The fire of excitement around the promotion campaign needs to be constantly maintained. Without additional sources of information or new portions of content, interest in your project will drop dramatically in two weeks.

  1. «Virus» cannot be affected

When launching a viral campaign, you must be prepared for the fact that your personal participation in its life will end there. Attempts to influence the course of events or correct the direction will be futile or will lead to negative consequences. Therefore, it is very important to carefully prepare and think over the advertising campaign in advance to the smallest detail.

  1. Dependence on luck

The mood of the target audience is not always possible to predict. Sometimes even the most well-planned NFT viral promotion does not have the expected effect. Therefore, you should not use only this type of marketing when promoting a product. But we, the NFTMetria team, are constantly talking about the need for a comprehensive promotion of the NFT. We write about this in our articles: How to promote the NFT and ways to promote the NFT.


Opinion of the NFTMetria team

At the moment, according to the NFTMetria team, the viral promotion of the NFT is still a rather underused tool for attracting the attention of the audience. It’s hard to guess the mood of the public, and it’s also not easy to get into trends. But at the same time, the NFT industry is increasingly entering our real world. Many global brands and public figures are already supporters of the community. This means that we have great potential for a large-scale increase in our audience. With the NFT viral promotion, the involvement of users within the framework of such mechanics is maximum.

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