Promotion NFT on Telegram

Promotion NFT on Telegram

So, how does NFT promotion work on Telegram? Thanks to the NFT hype, many investors and artists have begun to attract potential buyers and sellers to communities and exchanges. However, the information explosion of NFT tokens all over the Internet has attracted buyers. Since blockchain projects are considered unreliable by most investors, few people invest in them. Finding buyers for NFT art requires attracting a large number of people and, more importantly, convincing them of the potential profitability of your non-fungible tokens. Where there is demand, there is supply. For you, we have written a guide on how to get tired of a successful NFT artist, read it, it’s interesting!

Promotion NFT on Telegram

The main gathering places for NFT hangouts are online platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit etc. Recently, the promotion of NFT in Telegram is gaining more and more popularity. After all, the convenience and comfort in using the messenger attracts a lot of people.

How to prepare Telegram channel for promotion NFT?

Channel design

  1. Channel name

The channel name is your calling card. Treat this question as if you were bringing a new product to market.

Here are some more tips from us:

  • Include in the title the main keyword that reflects the subject. In our case, the name of the collection alone will not be enough, because the potential audience does not know anything about it yet.
  • Use up to 30 characters. Otherwise, the name will not be displayed in full in the general list.
  1. Channel Description

The description is also important to consider. It should be up to 255 characters and reflect the main essence of your Telegram.

  • Write a unique selling proposition – why a person needs to subscribe to your Telegram.
  • Use hashtags so people can find you.
  • Add a keyword like the name.
  • Specify the contacts of the moderator/administrator to contact you.
  1. Avatar

If before that we talked about the text design of the channel, then this paragraph is about visualization. Add a high resolution avatar as the finishing touch to your painting. Remember, many people perceive information better visually!


Channel setting

  1. Add a group

This tool allows you to increase engagement through live communication between all participants. Thanks to her, subscribers will be able to communicate and discuss your posts in a special mini-chat.

  1. Turn on Reactions

Thanks to this tool, subscribers will be able to express their emotions to posts and put emoticons.

  1. Add posts

Add the first 4-5 information posts and a greeting before inviting members. It is important that potential subscribers do not fall into a completely empty channel, this is repulsive. Then keep the activity at regular intervals. Remember that Telegram does not like spam with 5-7 posts a day and very long texts. They should be concise, optimal in size and attractive to subscribers (either informationally or financially).


Ways to promote NFT in Telegram

To collect as many users as possible in your Telegram community, you should use the following methods. Today they help recruit more than 100 thousand people, among whom there will be those who want to purchase your NFTs or exchange their NFT sales cases with other members.


Free distribution of NFTs (Giveaway)

This is not a typo. By giving away your NFT tokens for free, you can attract a certain number of users. People are interested in free material and information resources. You can start distributing them in other channels, on exchanges or forums. The correct presentation guarantees the owner of the first hundred users. The main subscribers will be those who buy NFTs for later resale. And this is the audience that will be needed in the first couple.

It makes no sense to offer your tokens in places where people do not understand what your offer is about. Distribution of NFTs will be more effective in circles of graphic designers who have just started working with NFTs. In addition, users will tell each other that they received your token. This will certainly attract their friends to your giveaway. In return, you should ask to subscribe to your Telegram and/or invite friends.


Advertising in other channels

Marketing is a way to draw attention to any product. There are many services and companies that can spread information about you on their publics and other information services. This method of promoting the NFT requires a budget, however, attracting users is effective. Using the reputation of other channels of cryptocurrency exchanges and large publics about NFT, you can lure up to 10% of the active audience.


Referral programs

One of the subtle ways to attract users to your Telegram channel. With a considerable audience size (this is a prerequisite), you can start looking for partners with whom you can cooperate. This is also one of the marketing techniques that works with sufficient community sizes. The way is to provide services or fees to exchanges, forums and other places where there are NFT traders. From the side of the partner comes the recommendation of your community.

Referrals can be NFT reviewers on social networks, forums, blogs, etc. If a person or company conducts activities related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies or NFTs, then the majority of his audience will notice the recommendation of your channel. It is not recommended to start with this method, since in the early stages of development the community does not have a basis for working with the audience, including investors.



Collaborations are one of the referral methods. For example, in a video, a referral may have a mention of your Telegram channel. As a community organizer, you can talk about your channel’s strengths, highlights, and bonuses for active members. After that, the audience will start flowing to you through the links from the referral or through the search. As a rule, a referral has much more subscribers than his partners. Otherwise, it will be unprofitable for you to use its services.


Social networks

Continuing to touch on the topic of PR through personality, there is a great way that works when you actively maintain your social networks. Your profile on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms can be used as another way to advertise your NFT channel in Telegram. NFT traders are sitting on social networks looking for places where their like-minded people gather. A promoted page on social networks helps the development of your Telegram. You can also invite your subscribers to your place by arranging token drawings, the so-called Giveaway. This way you can raise the audience not only on the Telegram channel, but also on your own account.


Activity in other Telegram channels

While you are growing your own audience, you can simultaneously join discussions, communicate with people on other most popular and thematic NFT channels. So you will increase personal recognition, feel the mood of the public, market trends. And if in the future you advertise in these channels, the public will already be more loyal to you. In a separate article, we reviewed the best Telegram channels in our opinion, take a closer look, maybe one of them is your option.



It is important to look at the trends of the NFT market, namely, pay attention that all more or less popular NFT collections, authors, collectors and marketplaces have their own Telegram channel. And this is no accident. NFT promotion in Telegram is a really good way of promotion that has proven itself all over the world. But it is worth remembering that due to one channel of promotion it is impossible to ensure success. You should develop a strategy to promote your NFT collection and use an assortment of different promotion ways.



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