TOP 15 NFT Telegram channels

TOP 15 NFT Telegram channels

Over the past year, the topic of how to make money on NFT has steadily gained popularity and continues to excite the minds of investors.
If you are just starting out on your investment journey, then you need reliable sources of information about the latest news, trends, and up-and-coming deals in the market. Where can you get up-to-date information about investments in the field of non-fungible tokens? There is a lot of information on YouTube and Twitter. We have previously compiled TOP 20 YouTube channels about NFT and  Best 20 NFT Twitter Account to Follow. And in Telegram, you can be one of the first to get insider information directly from sources, or just keep abreast of all the news in the world of cryptocurrencies. Here are the TOP 15 Telegram channels about NFT that we follow. Please note that all channel names are clickable. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the specified Telegram channel.

1. AirdropForAll

Telegram: AirdropForAll

Subscribers > 2M
This is the most popular Telegram channel in the field of non-fungible tokens. He announces airdrops for all types of collections, their cost and entry conditions, as well as project development prospects.

2. Nfts | Opensea | News

Telegram: Nfts | Opensea | News

Subscribers > 2M
There are no ads or spam here. Every day only fresh news from the crypto world, announcements of world events, forecasts of the digital future. Stay up to date with all the current events to make the right investments and earn on NFT.

3. NFTs Metaverse & Stock News

Telegram: NFTs Metaverse & Stock News

Subscribers > 865K
The Telegram channel is one of the leading in this area. It shares information about NFTs, the stock exchange, Metaverse news and other industry and market news.

4. NFT Projects & Crypto News

Telegram: NFT Projects & Crypto News

Subscribers > 565K
It focuses not only on non-fungible tokens, but also on Crypto news and trends. This makes it one of the top-notch Telegram channels for NFTs.

5. Metaverse | NFTs | News

Telegram: Metaverse | NFTs | News

Subscribers > 563K
A large number of participants confirms the fact that here administrators publish only valuable and relevant information about various tokens, metaverses and all the news from our topic. There is no spam due to the fact that Telegram channel members cannot post news.

6. NFT & GameFi News Telegram Channel

Telegram: NFT & GameFi News Telegram Channel

Subscribers > 443K
The Telegram channel publishes news from the world of NFT Games – in-game assets such as weapons and armor. On this Telegram channel you can read news from the world of cryptocurrency, profitable collections, as well as how to buy, how much tokens cost. From the GameFi area, we single out this channel as one of the TOP NFT telegram channels.

7. NFT Hot Sales

Telegram: NFT Hot Sales

Subscribers > 186K
Telegram channel writers tell you which projects to watch, discuss certain market trends to watch out for, and regularly highlight important market updates.



Subscribers > 136K
This is the place where you can get up-to-date information about the cryptocurrency market, understand the large-scale events that you are watching. As the name implies, the Telegram channel informs subscribers extensively about DeFi.


Telegram: NFT NEWS

Subscribers > 79K
It is unlikely that you will find exclusive insider information here. We read on this Telegram channel only high-quality news from trusted sources.

10. Shibo|Defi|Nft|Meta

Telegram: Shibo|Defi|Nft|Meta

Subscribers > 55K
The Telegram channel not only covers upcoming NFT projects, but also demonstrates useful tools, discusses the market and liquid collections that will bring passive income to holders.

11. NFT Community

Telegram: NFT Community

Subscribers > 51K
This is a great place for beginners who started their journey with NFTs. In addition to up-to-date market information, they have created a guide to fundamental knowledge in the field of tokens, which can be found in pinned posts.

12. Airdrops Beast

Telegram: Airdrops Beast

Subscribers > 35K
The Telegram channel actively announces airdrops, which enable the owners of these tokens to make profitable and promising investments. But for this it is necessary to fulfill the conditions, which are also described in each post.

13. Colexion

Telegram: Colexion

Subscribers > 27K
The Telegram channel is open to the general public who love digital art. Their work is often based on sports, celebrities and entertainment.

14. NFTcalls

Telegram: NFTcalls

Subscribers > 23K
The Telegram channel specializes in buying signals for promising NFT items (primarily digital art). The content of the Telegram channel is aimed at investors with some experience. It will be more difficult for a beginner to understand.

15. NFT Artists and Buyers

Telegram: NFT Artists and Buyers

Subscribers > 19K
This group is one of the best groups where an artist can promote their digital artwork with ease. As an artist you can share your work and talk about your latest NFT project. Participants include potential buyers (collectors, influencers, and creators) who may be interested in your work.


There is no doubt that Telegram channels provide a convenient way to promote NFTs and you have the opportunity to learn more about them. We hope that our review of the TOP 15 NFT telegram channels will be useful to you. However, remember that in social networks where there is live communication of participants, there is a lot of fraud, and Telegram is no exception. Therefore, we advise you to double-check any information in different sources, especially when it comes to your investments and investments.