Promoting NFT on Discord

Promoting NFT on Discord

In the world of cryptocurrency technologies, new trends appear every day that are designed to change our expectations from the promotion of our product. NFT artists are forced to look for suitable markets to sell their NFTs. Such platforms must be suitable for digital distribution in order to satisfy the demand for the development and promotion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Previously, we reviewed the best ways to promote an NFT collection, where you can see the comprehensive steps to promote. And in this article, we will discuss with you promotion NFT on Discord.

Promoting NFT on Discord

What is Discord?

Today, communication and promotion in the world is of great importance for every type of business to achieve the best results. The Discord app is widely known in the world. For the purpose of upgrading or promoting various NFT projects such as the metaverse Decentraland, Flow and others. The NFT community has embraced this technology.

The functionality of the social network allows you to communicate by text, voice, video, share various content. And it’s all possible to do it in the channel of interest. But there are many more options to switch promotion NFT  on to your Discord community.


Why is Discord popular?

Discord was originally designed for gamers. There they could communicate through different channels, exchange information quickly, grow their audience, and buy and sell in-game assets. The tasks are similar to promoting NFTs, right? Now this social network has been able to reach global popularity in just 3 years, as well as 130 million unique users.

What else can be attributed to its benefits that make this social network popular?

  • The social network is free;
  • Has an app for Android and IOS;
  • There are no restrictions on the number of created servers;
  • Setting the privacy of your server. You can set up access to the channel only by invitation, or entry after your approval. Convenient if you are creating a private server.
  • Variety of expressions of individuality. Namely, multifunctional video and audio settings, animated avatars , etc.
  • User roles. This feature gives you the ability to share responsibility across roles. And accordingly, notification of important changes or changes will come only to those users whom you assign this role.


Discord and NFT promotion

Recently, one of the most popular platforms for NFTs and crypto enthusiasts is Discord. At the moment there are over 1000 NFT communities. It is precisely because of its unique features and cross-platform support that Discord will be the ideal platform. Since its servers can host a huge community, and regular interaction with NFT business opportunities can have a wider reach.

Discord and NFT promotion
Discord now has over 1,000 NFT-themed servers

Marketing unique NFTs and selling cryptocurrencies is only getting easier with the sheer number of crypto and NFT enthusiasts present on Discord these days. Thus, for any version of the application, to launch NFT business marketing campaigns, you will have the necessary functions.


How can I promoting NFT on Discord?

This social network has become the most popular voice and communication app among gamers, with over 6.7 million active servers. It covers a wide range of topics and interests. But still, the question often arises, how is the promotion NFT in Discord? The answer is that promoting NFT on requires having a well-planned and well-implemented Discord community.

It is worth noting that for an unprepared user, even creating a server in this social network may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Of course, you can find other popular social networks, such as Telegram. Yes, this is also great, and it’s much easier to create a Telegram channel there than to set up a server in Discord. But the global NFT community within the entire Internet is still very small, and in order to reach potential buyers, it is worth using all available promotion methods. In addition, Discord is still more popular with NFT enthusiasts than Telegram.


How can I create a community on Discord?

The community is the main channel for any NFT author to create their own audience. So, to create a community, you need to follow a few steps.


  1. Create your server

This step is quite simple.

  • You need to either download the program or open it in a browser.

Create server on Discord

  • After that, create an account. During registration, you must pass verification by phone number.
  • After registration, in the upper left corner, click the + button.

This is how you build your community.


  1. Invite other users

In order to create something, you first need users. So, in the case of creating a community, you first need people. On a server, you can invite anyone, including mutual friends or complete strangers online. Whether your server is public or private, you have a choice.


  1. Promote your server

If your purpose of using Discord is to provide the services you offer or build a community around your NFT drops, then you need to promoting your NFT from the server on Discord. Also, you may want to advertise your new server to attract new users and traffic. Since the Internet is filled with social networks, this is where you can invite others to join your community, advertise or share opportunities on pages with similar interests.


  1. Organize Community Channels

To create multiple channels of communication by voice or text, Discord offers this option. With your channel, you can share multiple interests or activities in your community. So there is no limit to how this social network allows organized servers to get creative!


  1. Delegation of user roles

You can create user levels in your Discord community, as well as create the level of access to various channels that you need. This is very important to make your work easier. If the topic is interesting to users, then it will not be difficult to find an involved sensible moderator.


  1. Stay Active

Promoting NFT on Discord is impossible without constant activity. To keep your loyal community “live” and active, it is best to fill it with thematic content:

  • news of NFT and cryptocurrencies,
  • interesting NFT drops from famous artists and brands,
  • drawings of free NFTs ( free airdrop ) and other bonuses,
  • communication with the community for engagement, etc.

These steps will create real interest in your server, generate traffic. And you continue to increase the volume of communications in all possible ways.


  1. Use shill marketing

This is when your “agents” enter your server or a third-party, but thematic server as ordinary users and begin to disperse the dialogue about NFT in every possible way. Gradually, this dialogue comes down to the subject of your project. The purpose of this is to tell as much as possible about the project, its features and “sell” values from an informal person.



So, Discord is a powerful social community tool, and it can and should be used for marketing purposes. The NFT promotion in Discord is really paying off, try it out for yourself!

In addition, be sure to promote NFT on the following social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Youtube
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