Promotion NFT on Twitter

Promotion NFT on Twitter

In 2022, the NFT trend continues. Many big brands and famous people invest in NFTs or are a collections merchant. And here lies the whole essence of cryptomarketing. You can be a very talented artist, create unique works, but if you fail to promote your product, then most likely it will remain somewhere on the endless pages of marketplaces. It is in marketing that you need to invest and initially think over a promotion strategy. Earlier in the articles, we detailed the best ways to promote and promote your NFT collections. And today we will analyze in detail promotion NFT on Twitter.

Promotion NFT on Twitter

Twitter is the most popular microblogging service in the world and one of the most popular social networks. On the platform, users post their messages “tweets”, interact with them and actively communicate in this way.

We can say with confidence that without Twitter, the promotion of NFT in modern realities is impossible if you are targeting the Western market. Where to start after registration?

To get started, put an avatar and tell us about yourself. Present yourself before people start scrolling through your feed. Think of this step as if you were a marketer and are creating a unique selling proposition for your product. And in our case, an author who cannot sell himself as an artist in the first place will not be able to sell his NFTs.


Subscriptions, likes, retweets

Get active right away. You should subscribe, comment on other artists, like and retweet their tweets. This is how you draw attention to yourself. This is a great way to express yourself. Be sincere, falseness in live communication, even on the Internet, is easily felt.

But be careful. Too active following and a huge number of likes can cause Twitter algorithms to consider you a bot and may block your account. Our advice is to follow no more than 15-20 people per day at intervals. Your activity should look natural.

You may encounter tweets from users like «Ready to buy your NFT», «Share your NFT». In practice, we say that there is no sense in such a shilling, but you may be lucky.


Participate in audio rooms

Audio rooms Twitter is an easy-to-use feature for communicating with friends that your Twitter audience can listen to live. And this is a really good way to find like-minded people, broadcast news to the public or convey any other necessary information to your audience. But this method will only work when you already have your own NFT community. And first, just listen, using live examples, find your style of conducting an audio room, write down for yourself the whole scenario of your «performance». As soon as you feel confident enough to talk about your project, then throw a request into the audio room, become a speaker and communicate.


Put hashtags

Hashtags are 100% working. Just make it a rule to put them at the end of every post. The main thing is to choose the right hashtags. For clarity, you can follow them yourself from other members of the NFT community and look at the topics of the posts under which they put these hashtags.

The NFTMetria team advises you to start with win-win options: # NFTCommunity # NFTProjects # NFTs # OpenSeaNFT # NFT # NFTshills # NFTdrop # NFTdrops # nftcollector # nftcollectors # NFTartists


Don’t trust promoters

Deception is everywhere, and in social networks this is especially true. From the very beginning of your activity, so-called promoters who liked your project may start writing to you, and they will promote you, but, of course, for a fee. As a rule, the amounts are voiced on average 50-1000 dollars. Don’t trust them, it’s all a scam! Real promoters will not write to you, their attention is worth a lot.


Host giveaways and collaborations

Keep in touch with other NFT-artists, collaborations are a great way to exchange audiences and increase awareness of your work and yourself as an author.

Free giveaways, called Giveaways, are a very useful tool. It’s easy to organize:

  • enough to show your work,
  • write that you are holding a Giveaway,
  • specify the terms of distribution. Typically, users need to follow your account, like, retweet your post, and tag a couple of their friends.

Giveaway will increase your reach if you already have at least a small audience. Otherwise, you may not get the expected effect and waste your efforts.


Buy works by other NFT-artists

First, you earn points for yourself as a collector on the marketplace. And every user can see it. Second, it’s a way to connect with other artists. In the future, for example, you can enlist their support and arrange the same collaborations together.



Twitter is not only an interesting platform for communication. Promotion your NFT and you as an artist on Twitter is an essential and vital resource.  Read the article Best 20 NFT Twitter Account to Follow, in which we have highlighted the best popular accounts to date. Be active, regular and consistent. And then the result will not keep you waiting.


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