Trading Cards NFTs: Collect, trade and sell digital assets

Trading Cards NFTs: Collect, trade and sell digital assets

Blockchain technology and the NFT market have given a huge scope for trade, advertising, promotion, earnings, collecting and leisure. Now it is already impossible to deny – given the sufficient scale of the market, mass adoption takes place systematically and according to market cycles.

Most collectible projects can be classified as Trading Cards NFTs, which have also found versatile applications. A proportion of offline brands currently use this type of token as a way to promote their products or services by offering them as rewards or incentives to their customers.

In addition, this type is used in the gaming, trading, and sports fields. And in fact, this list is not limited.

What are Trading Cards NFTs?

Trading Cards NFTs are a fascinating form of digital collectibles that have gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional trading cards, NFTs use blockchain technology to create unique and valuable digital assets.

These NFTs can be anything from sports memorabilia to rare pieces of art, and can be bought, sold, and traded just like physical analogues. In general, they are similar to traditional collectible NFTs, the value of which depends on market conditions, consumer appeal, and rarity.

For example, not so long ago, former President of America Donald Trump made a splash by first releasing the Trump Cards NFTs of 45,000 pieces with his own image, and later released Digital Trading Cards Series 2 of 47,000 pieces. Despite the criticism, both collections attracted huge public attention, thus providing explosive sales.

Main idea and applicability of Trading Cards NFTs

The main idea of Trading Cards NFTs is to provide a safe and transparent way to own unique digital assets. Blockchain technology ensures that ownership of an asset is verified and cannot be copied or duplicated, making it very valuable. The unique features of these NFTs make them highly applicable to industries ranging from sports and entertainment to the art world.

History of Trading Cards NFTs

The history of Trading Cards NFTs began in 2017 with the launch of CryptoKitties. Since then, the market has exploded and today we see some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industry using this technology.

Who buys Trading Cards NFTs?

The main audience for buying Trading Cards NFTs are collectors who appreciate the unique value of digital collectibles. However, NFTs are also gaining popularity among investors and crypto market enthusiasts who see the potential for high returns on NFT investments.

Best Trading Card NFTs

Some of the best real-life examples of Trading Cards NFTs are:

  • Gods Unchained,
  • Curio Cards,
  • NBA Top Shot platform.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the most striking example of Trading Cards NFTs. This is a collectible card game on the Ethereum blockchain; is a pioneer in this type of tokens. For the best communication between users and fast transactions, this card game has implemented the Immutable X blockchain of the second level, where transactions are carried out completely free of charge and much faster. It also allowed many users to list their NFT Gods Unchained at a low cost.

  • In total, there are more than 3.5 million NFTs in the collection,
  • Floor price is 0.0000047 ETH.
  • Total secondary trading volume exceeded 92k ETH.
Gods Unchained NFT Trading Card NFTs
This is what gameplay looks like in Gods Unchained

My Curio Cards

My Curio Cards is a collection with NFT souvenir concept released in 2017; it is rightfully the first project that appeared on the Ethereum blockchain in the format of collectible digital art.

  • In total the collection has 30 unique works from 7 artists.
  • In total, there are 29700 NFTs in the collection.
  • Total secondary trading volume exceeds 40k ETH
  • Floor price is 0.145 ETH.
  • The most expensive NFT from this collection is card #29 (Yellow), which was bought in September 2021 for 150 ETH (about $456k at that rate).
My Curio Cards NFT Trading Card NFTs
Each of the 30 digital cards is numbered

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a sport platform from Dapper Labs. Each token represents the best moment in the NBA matches, and there are also collections with individual players. This platform is built on the Flow blockchain and has gained immense popularity in the NFT market. The NBA Top Shot is in particular demand among fans of the NBA and basketball in general.

What are the prospects for Trading Cards NFTs?

The prospects for using Trading Cards NFTs are very significant: artists, musicians, athletes, large-scale projects and brands are adopting this technology. With the growing popularity and acceptance of NFTs, we can expect new and innovative use cases to emerge in the future.

Opinion of NFTmetria

Trading Cards NFTs are an exciting new development in the world of digital collectibles. The uniqueness and value of these assets, combined with the transparency and security of blockchain technology, make them a valuable asset for collectors and investors. As more industries embrace this technology, we can expect even greater adoption and value from this type of tokens that successfully replace physical collectible cards and is increasingly being introduced into the everyday life of society.

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