Sport NFT: A promising combination of spectator sports and blockchain

Sport NFT: A promising combination of spectator sports and blockchain

How many decades have devoted sports fans been collecting various paraphernalia and artifacts of their favorite teams and athletes? But, you see, it is rather difficult to prove the truth that the autograph of a famous football player is on a soccer ball? Now it’s much easier to preserve historical value with Sport NFTs, thanks to which you can own unique moments.

What is Sport NFT?

Sport NFT is a type of NFT that is gaining popularity in the world of real sports and digital market. The fact is that with the help of digital assets, a sports team can distribute previously unpublished moments of their most striking athletes.

With this type of NFT, teams can also raise funds for charity, and royalties from sales in secondary markets can go to the financial support of the team.

Main idea and applicability of Sport NFTs

The main idea of Sport NFT is to bring the excitement of the game to the digital world, making it accessible to everyone. Typically, these digital assets are used to represent a particular moment, player or team that has made a significant contribution to the development of the sports community.

That is, sports NFTs act as a kind of immortalization of a player or team on the blockchain, a significant sporting event or a moment in the game that everyone will remember, such as, for example, in the NBA Top Shot collection.

In addition to the above, this type of NFT is a new way for sports clubs and their fan clubs to interact. For example, these tokens may provide fan club membership or access to exclusive meet and greet events.

History of Sport NFTs

Sport NFTs have a rich history and are becoming increasingly popular with sports fans and collectors. They first appeared in 2018 and have since become one of the fastest growing markets in the NFT ecosystem. The impetus for development is also the mention of the big names of athletes in this new environment, due to which the fans were actively attracted.

But the most high-profile appearance of these tokens was the launch of the NBA Top Shot by Dapper Labs on the Flow blockchain in 2020. Gaming moments from the NBA in the form of the NFT have exploded the market and set off a wave of sports collectibles boom. By the end of 2022 alone, the site generated over $1 billion in sales and over 20 million transactions. After such a successful launch, other sports venues appeared on the market: LaLiGa, UFCStrike, NFL All Day, Sorare, etc. Each of them has a sports profile and therefore has its own profile audience – fans of a particular sport.

Who buys Sport NFTs?

The audience that buys the Sport NFT ranges from sports fans to collectors:

  • Sports NFTs are especially popular among fans of a particular sport.
  • Collectors are more concerned about NFTs, which capture important game moments.
  • Investors are interested in the value and rarity of this or that moment, which can increase over time. Or there is the possibility that the NFT of a certain player will become a cult among his fans after his career is over.

Best Sport NFTs

It is most correct in this context to consider not specific collections, but profile venues that give concerts to fans of a certain sport, as well as big names of athletes and world-famous team names. Therefore, one of the best sites where you can buy Sport NFT is:

  • NBA Top Shot,
  • Sorare,
  • UFC Strike.

These platforms are unique in space and in the Sports NFT market.

NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot has exceptional Sports NFTs featuring the very best moments from The National Basketball Association (NBA). Also, on the platform there are collections of the best moments from the game of some basketball players, for example, Lebron James. His moment dunking in the 2020 Finals with Lakers team sold for $230k.

NBA Top Shot sport nft
Some of the Legendary NFT Moments on the NBA Top Shot

The uniqueness of NBA Top Shot lies in the fact that it is the first NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain.


Sorare is a sports fantasy game. The idea is to collect digital trading cards of the best football, baseball and basketball players. They can be teamed up and played against other players. The most expensive NFT on this platform is the Joey Veerman collectible football player card, which is currently valued at 35 ETH.

Sorare sport nft
Sorare features three popular sports with millions of fan bases

UFC Strike

UFC Strike is similar to NBA Top Shot, only this site has NFT in the form of moments from the UFC. The entire system is built on the Flow blockchain. To authorize on this site, you need an account in NBA Top Shot. The most expensive NFT site – Khabib Nurmagomedov Ufc 242 Submission was sold for $3,462.6.

UFC Strike nft
UFC Strike features a wide selection of moments from Fandom to Champions

What are the prospects for Sport NFTs?

The prospects for the use of Sport NFT are huge. As sports NFTs continue to grow in popularity, it is possible that they will become the standard way to invest in sports teams. They also have the potential to revolutionize the way sports brands interact with their fans.

Opinion of NFTmetria

Sport NFTs are a unique and interesting type of digital asset that has the potential to change the way collectors invest and interact with sports brands. Given the growing popularity and increasing demand, sports NFTs could be taken to the next level by the recognition of Web 3.0 technology by organizations such as FIFA, as this would mean an interest in making history as an NFT.

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