NFT News Digest: Twitter Expands Tweet Tiles Trial to NFT

NFT News Digest: Twitter Expands Tweet Tiles Trial to NFT

In addition to news about Twitter Expands Tweet Tiles Trial to NFT, in today’s news digest for the past week October 15-21, you’ll find:

  1. Anthony Hopkins sold 1,000 NFTs from his collection in 7 minutes.
  2. NFT artist Beeple builds a true offline NFT gallery.
  3. World of Women announced the launch of the first WoW Awards.
  4. Warner Bros. launches the Lord of the Rings NFT Collection.


Twitter Expands Tweet Tiles Trial to NFT

Social media giant Twitter is expanding its Tweet Tiles trial to NFT. Recall that earlier this project was tested with major media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. Choice of NFT marketplaces was chosen because of the functionality that allows tweets to display an interactive customizable widget.

What are Tweet Tiles?

Tweet Tiles allow developers to extend and improve the Twitter user experience, as “the ability to embed NFTs, along with relevant information and a direct link to the marketplace, will drive sales and support the discovery of new and popular collections. The Tweet Tiles pilot project is currently running on iOS and web for the five featured NFT marketplaces,” the company said in a statement.

Twitter’s decision to expand its Tweet Tiles pilot to NFT marketplaces follows the introduction of NFT avatars for users who connect their web wallet to verify ownership.said GuardianLink, the organization behind the digital product.

Where does Tweet Tiles work?

The trading platforms OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and of GuardianLink were chosen for the pilot project. Blockchain and NFT solution provider GuardianLink says in a statement

As a result, select partners will be able to display color NFTs directly in tweets for the first time. The format allows the larger picture of NFT to be displayed along with metadata such as title and creator.

What are the prospects for the development of Tweet Tiles?

If the pilot proves successful, it could be rolled out to all Twitter users, providing NFT collectors with a new way to share their digital collectibles. Thus, the global social media giant signifies the massive introduction of NFTs into the user world.


Anthony Hopkins sold 1,000 NFTs from his collection in 7 minutes

The NFT community was excited about the new celebrity in the crypto market. And the project certainly lived up to expectations. The NFT-issued Anthony Hopkins ‘The Eternal’ collection was launched on October 13, 2022 in collaboration with design agency NFT Orange Comet and sold out within 7 minutes of launch. So, she presented one of the largest NFT projects supported by celebrities who entered the crypto scene.

What is the NFT collection The Eternal?

The project, titled “The Eternal”, was launched in collaboration with design agency NFT Orange Comet and included 1,000 original cinematic artworks inspired by the actor’s various on-set performances.

What are the sales of the NFT collection of Anthony Hopkins?

At mint, the minimum price of each NFT was 0.25 ETH (about $325). However, the minimum price is currently 0.44 ETH ($573) on the OpenSea secondary market.

Thus, the volume of sales to date has exceeded 641 ETH (834K dollars), and the entire collection is distributed among 604 unique wallets.

What utility from NFT Anthony Hopkins do buyers get?

It is noteworthy that NFT holders have a chance to win various utilities:

  • 39 random buyers will receive an autographed art book, Dreamscapes, featuring hundreds of full color images of paintings and drawings by Sir Anthony Hopkins.
  • 5 buyers will be randomly selected to join an intimate conversation with Sir Anthony Hopkins (via Zoom)
  • 1 buyer will be selected to have a one-on-one one-on-one viewing of Anthony Hopkins, with the conversation recorded and posted on Sir Anthony Hopkins’ social media.
  • 100 buyers will be randomly selected to receive a personalized NFT with a message from Sir Anthony Hopkins sent to their wallet.

The draw will take place on October 27th.

Hopkins, for his part, celebrated the sales success by posting on his official Twitter:

Hopkins thus joins a growing list of celebrities who have launched NFT projects, including Grimes and Lindsay Lohan.


Beeple builds a true offline NFT gallery

Beeple, one of the most influential figures in the NFT art industry, is building a true studio gallery for the entire digital art and NFT community. Huge warehouse space is located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. It is undergoing renovation to prepare the space for community use.

Judging by the video, it will be a truly grandiose gallery, for which Beeple spares neither effort nor money.

Very excited to show you the first sneak peek of just one part of our studio here in Charleston. This will be an outlet for my work and the entire digital art/NFT community. Posted by the artist on Twitter

Thus, we can observe the gradual introduction of the NFT culture into the real world through the actions of first large influencers in the sphere, and then all the followers will join.


World of Women announces launch of first WoW Awards as part of their gala

The NFT top collection World of Women has announced the launch of the WoW Awards as part of the WoW Gala, which will take place on December 1 in Miami. As the biggest event of the year in WoW, the Gala is meant to celebrate its attendees. The upcoming WoW Awards is one of the highlights of the gala. And a really hot party is expected again. Recall that even Madonna performed at the previous concert.

What are WoW Awards?

WoW Awards are awards for community members and NFT owners who are active in the implementation of the mission of the project, and also made a certain contribution to the development of the community.

We recognize that our community is filled with talented people who align with our mission, and we want to reward you for that. It’s time for WoW to start nominating yourself and encouraging your friends to do the same! We want you to unleash your creativity and boldly participate.

So, the team identified 8 categories of awards:

  1. Imaginative Art. This category is dedicated to derivative works of art based on WoW characters.
  2. Innovative Use of IP. This is for anyone who has created an innovative product or content for their WoW.
  3. Impact in Web3 Education. This category recognizes holders who educate and adapt people to NFT through various means.
  4. Web3 for Good – Sustainability. This category recognizes contributors who have contributed to the sustainability of the industry.
  5. Web3 for Good – Social Justice. This is for all activists who stand for a better world and a better future.
  6. Digital Fashion & Design. This category is dedicated to all fashionistas from the WoW family.
  7. Creative Storytelling. Any writers, creators, and storytellers from the WoW community can nominate themselves in this category.
  8. Community building. This category honors everyone who supports, builds, and advances the mission of WoW.

At the same time, you can nominate anyone and even yourself for any of the categories.


Warner Bros Launches The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring NFT Collection

Warner Bros. Entertainment is relaunching the iconic Lord of the Rings film series as an NFT experience. Warner Bros “Lord of the Rings” web3 NFT will now be an exciting show with bonus content for fans of the box office blockbuster. Eager to embrace the future of entertainment, they offer the iconic movie as a unique web-3 experience.

What is NFT Warner Bros The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring?

The digital experience includes a 4K movie, never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes footage, and even augmented reality collectibles.

NFT Warner Bros The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has been bundled into two versions, each with a different price tag for fans:

  1. The $30 Premium Mystery Edition package includes 10,000 random NFTs with common, uncommon, and rare traits. By unlocking this pack, fans will receive a random interactive navigation menu in one of three LOTR locations.
  2. The $100 “Premiere Epic Edition” package is a complete interactive navigation containing all three locations for fans to explore. This edition includes 999 ultra-rare collectibles and additional perks beyond those included in the Mystery edition. The locations chosen for the augmented reality experience are The Shire, Rivendell and the Mines of Moria.

The NFT collection is minted on the Eluvio blockchain, which is also compatible with Ethereum. The mint is announced for October 21, which you can go to via their official link. You can pay for purchases with various cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money from a credit card.


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