NFT News Digest: Kraken exchange launches NFT marketplace

NFT News Digest: Kraken exchange launches NFT marketplace

In addition to the news that Kraken exchange launches NFT marketplace, in today’s NFT news digest for the past week of June 3-9 you will find:

  • Treasure Trunks NFTs from Louis Vuitton priced at €39K apiece,
  • Warner Bros. releases Superman NFTs,
  • Puma enters Web3 with LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang.

Kraken exchange launches NFT marketplace

After the successful completion of beta testing, the NFT marketplace from the American exchange Kraken is ready to provide services to all interested parties. According to the official press release, the marketplace will feature about 250 NFT collections, and supported blockchains will include such giants as Solana, Ethereum and Polygon. Recall that the platform was launched in beta in November 2022, and at the time the range of offerings was limited to only 70 collections.

What to expect from Kraken NFT marketplace?

In an official press release, Kraken representatives reminded us of the importance of the NFT community:

We’ve long understood that the communities behind the NFTs are often even more significant than the collectibles themselves. That’s why we’ve been curating many of the most active NFT collections the market has to offer. That’s what the press release says

Kraken has prepared several pleasant surprises for users as bonuses:

  • NFT marketplace users will be able to choose whether to make payments in fiat or cryptocurrency;
  • Each listing has a built-in token rarity rating, which will come in handy for both advanced investors and novice collectors;
  • Representatives of the Kraken exchange do not intend to charge customers for gas.

However, it should be remembered that the gas fee will have to be paid if digital assets are transferred to and from Kraken. Currently, Kraken supports wallets such as MetaMask and Solana’s Phantom wallet. Future plans include adding support for WalletConnect, more new features, collections and interesting contests, as well as bonuses in the form of customer-only drops and gas-free floor sweeping.

NFT marketplace from Kraken: some background

Kraken is launching its NFT marketplace during challenging times. It is now that the cryptocurrency industry has begun to attract a lot of regulatory attention. For instance, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is filing lawsuits against well-known exchanges. Nevertheless, Kraken is actively fighting for competitive advantage even in such circumstances.

Treasure Trunks NFTs from Louis Vuitton priced at €39K apiece

Two years after its NFT debut on the market, fashion giant Louis Vuitton is once again betting on Web3 technology. On June 6, the brand announced a collection of phygital NFTs called Treasure Trunks, which will give owners access to exclusive future products, unique experiences and a community.

Treasure Trunks from Louis Vuitton: an exclusive offering at a high price point

The Treasure Trunks collection, which is part of the brand’s new VIA initiative, which means “road” in Latin, includes several hundred digital trunks.

As of June 8, the waitlist has been made available, but only to users in Canada, the United States, UK, Germany, Australia and Japan. Lucky few will get the chance to explore the VIA universe through a private web page. The cost to participate in Louis Vuitton’s Treasure Trunks, that is, the price of one such NFT, is 39,000 euros, which is roughly equal to $42,000.

Louis Vuitton digital treasure trunks are an iconic phenomenon in the world of NFTs. They have historical significance and are made to the highest standard, and their appearance represents the luxury and status that sets them apart in the digital market. Each token will be categorized as Soulbound NFT, meaning it cannot be sold or transferred to another person.

The digital tokens will also be accompanied by their physical counterparts. The objects of the physical world serve as keys, opening access to future Louis Vuitton products and exciting experiences.

As we said, this isn’t Louis Vuitton’s first move into NFT. In 2021, the brand launched a free mobile game, Louis the Game, which was designed to introduce players to the company’s history. The game also gave successful players a chance to win one of 30 unique digital postcards.

Warner Bros. releases Superman NFTs

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the creator of the legendary 1978 action film “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve, will delight DC fans and NFT enthusiasts alike. The movie company will be releasing an NFT collection related to the characters of the “Superman” movie, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.

Superman Web3 Movie Experience: connecting Web3 and NFT

The Superman Web3 Movie Experience NFT multimedia package includes:

  • 4K Ultra HD movie;
  • Image galleries and renderings by renowned DC artists.

Thus, for the first time, the legendary film will launch simultaneously in Web3 and NFT formats.

Superman Web3 Movie Experience packages will be available beginning June 9. Early access will be open to owners of previously released NFTs from Warner Bros. The price of this package depends on the release level of the Superman NFTs: $30 (Standard Edition) and $100 (Premium Edition).

The Superman Web3 Movie Experience package will be available for cryptocurrency or with a credit card if you have an Eluvio NFT Media Wallet. This digital storage will allow customers to stream their digital content.

Superman NFTs are proof of authenticity and ownership of digital content. They can be exchanged and sold on the Warner Bros. Marketplace launched by Eluvio, a blockchain content pioneer.

What is included in the Standard and Premium Superman Editions?

The Superman Web3 Movie Experience levels differ in access period and features.

The Standard Edition (available from June 9 till June 16) offers the following:

  • A theatrical version of the “Superman” movie;
  • A gallery of images with stills and behind-the-scenes photos.

Premium Edition (available from June 9 till June 10) provides the following:

  • One of three versions (“Truth,” “Justice” or “Hope”), each featuring an image of Superman (Christopher Reeve) by one of three DC artists – Ben Oliver, Ivan Reiss, or Bill Sienkiewicz;
  • Three versions of the feature film;
  • Image galleries with costumes and details from the Warner Bros. archives and behind-the-scenes shots.

That said, each release includes an interactive navigation menu and previously released special features.

Superman Web3 Movie Experience Early Access Terms and Conditions

All WB NFT owners will have access to all releases of the Superman Web3 Movie Experience package on June 8, but at different times:

  • At 08.00 AM – holders of DC Bat Cowl NFTs;
  • At 11.00 AM – DC3 holders;
  • At 02.00 PM – holders of The Lord of the Rings Web3 Movie Experience.

Warner Bros. will also raffle free certificates to all collectors; they can be redeemed for three Superman comics to be released on the DC NFT marketplace.

Puma enters Web3 with LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang

Puma continues its exploration of Web3. This time, the global sportswear manufacturer has teamed up with NBA star LaMelo Ball and NFT project Gutter Cat Gang. The result of the collaboration is the GutterMelo MB.03 phygital sneakers.

The limited-edition sneakers called GutterMelo MB.03 will initially sell for $175 via OpenSea as NFTs on June 29. Later, between July 18 and August 20, the digital collectibles will be available for exchange for physical sneakers.

The total number of MB.03 sneakers from Puma has not yet been announced. They mark the third iteration of the LaMelo Ball sneaker franchise, combining high quality and signature style. New versions are expected to be released later this year (presumably in the fall).

The GutterMelo MB.03 sneakers are custom made with a unique color palette that looks like a heat map and a quilted lining with a “Not From Here” motif. The tongue features the Gutter Cat Gang mascot and “1 of 1” lettering.

LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang are worthy companions for Puma in the Web3 world

LaMelo Ball, a rising NBA star who scored 1,000 points and assists in the 2022/23 season, has signed a multi-year $100 million contract with Puma for 2020.

Ball entered the NFT space in June 2021 with the launch of Ethereum-based LaMelo collectibles, which are figurines modeled by the athlete himself, and released a second collection in February 2022.

Gutter Gang Cat is an NFT profile picture project (PFP) launched in June 2021, featuring 3,000 cat-themed avatars. As part of this project, an exclusive Gutter City in The Sandbox metaverse is being built.

Its inhabitants will have great opportunities such as underground gambling, in-game events, and cat-fighting clubs.

With partners like these, Puma has every chance of becoming the dominant brand in the basketball sneaker market. So far, Puma ranks 4th behind Nike, Adidas and Jordan (a Nike brand) with a player share of about 3%.

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