FSL Launches Innovative Move-to-Earn Game ‘Stepn Go’

FSL Launches Innovative Move-to-Earn Game ‘Stepn Go’

Web3 game developer Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) has unveiled Stepn Go, a cutting-edge version of its popular move-to-earn game, introducing new social features and marking its third web3 title following Stepn and Gas Hero. The new game not only incentivizes physical activity but also fosters social interaction, reflecting a growing trend in the gaming industry.

Stepn Go: Combining Fitness and Social Interaction

Stepn Go continues the legacy of its predecessor by rewarding users for physical movement, but with enhanced social elements. Players can now lend their NFT Sneakers to up to five friends through the new ‘Haus’ feature, promoting community engagement and shared earnings. This feature aligns with FSL’s commitment to integrating social interaction into the gaming experience.

In addition to promoting physical activity, Stepn Go introduces the Go Game Token (GGT), a digital currency earned by using NFT Sneakers outdoors. The game features a PvP leaderboard system that rewards players with tokens from flagged or cheating users, adding a competitive edge. Customizable avatars and social interactions on the game’s map further enrich the user experience, with future integration into FSL’s upcoming social platform, MoonBase.

A Leap Forward in Move-to-Earn Gaming

Building on the success of the original STEPN app, which launched in 2021 and quickly gained over 5.6 million users, Stepn Go aims to elevate the move-to-earn concept. The app has incorporated user feedback to enhance the experience, such as the Haus System for lending NFT Sneakers and the Interactive Map for social interactions. The introduction of PvP challenges allows users to earn another currency, GMT, fostering a competitive and engaging environment.

The Alpha Version of Stepn Go is set to debut in the third quarter of 2024. To celebrate the launch, FSL will hold a Sneaker NFT Alpha Prize Draw, offering 3,000 digital sneakers to participants who pledge GMT tokens. This event is exclusively available to FSL ID holders, emphasizing the community-centric approach of the game.

Expanding the Horizon of Web3 Fitness Apps

Stepn Go enables users to share digital sneakers with friends and split earnings through the Go Game Token. The app also supports social features like adding friends, messaging, and more gameplay options, enhancing user interaction. The game’s dual token system includes GGT for utility and GMT for governance, mirroring the original Stepn app’s structure.

Since its launch in 2021, Stepn has been a pioneer in the move-to-earn sector, operating on the Solana blockchain. The game’s innovative approach combines fitness with blockchain technology, creating a gamified web3 fitness application that has inspired similar platforms.

Revitalizing GameFi Amid Crypto Resurgence

The GameFi industry, which combines gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), has experienced a revival with the recent spike in crypto prices. The number of daily active wallets in GameFi has doubled over the past year, indicating renewed interest and growth in the sector.

Stepn has been proactive in maintaining its momentum, partnering with Adidas for a 1,000 Genesis Edition NFT drop on Solana and announcing a $30 million airdrop to reward its core players. These initiatives have helped sustain interest and engagement within the Stepn community.


Stepn Go represents a significant advancement in the move-to-earn gaming landscape, blending physical activity with social interaction and blockchain technology. By addressing user feedback and incorporating innovative features, FSL is poised to make the web3 space more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience. As Stepn Go prepares for its Alpha launch, it promises to bring a fresh wave of excitement and engagement to the web3 gaming community.

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