CryptoPunks Unveil “Super Punk World” Collection with Artist Nina Chanel Abney

CryptoPunks Unveil “Super Punk World” Collection with Artist Nina Chanel Abney

CryptoPunks, a pioneering NFT project, has announced the launch of a new collection titled “Super Punk World”, curated by their first Punk in Residence, Nina Chanel Abney. This innovative collection features 500 digital avatars that merge the iconic features of CryptoPunks with Abney’s distinctive Super Cool World style, offering collectors a fresh, 3D perspective on her artwork.

The “Super Punk World” collection will debut at Abney’s exhibition, “Lie Doggo,” which runs from May 18 to October 5 at The School at Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, NY. This collection not only showcases Abney’s unique style but also allows collectors to immerse themselves in her digital creations for the first time. Further details about the collection and the auction will be released soon.

Themes and Artistic Vision of Digital Art Installation

Abney’s interactive digital art installation tackles themes of identity, surveillance, and anonymity, exploring the economic disparities within digital avatars. Her work challenges societal norms, especially regarding the higher prices fetched by representations of white males compared to females or darker-skinned avatars. By creating hybrid figures that blur racial and gender lines, she questions the inherent value assigned to these digital personas.

Visitors to the exhibition can create their virtual avatars, encouraging a critical reflection on identity construction in both digital and physical realms. Abney’s work examines how societal pressures influence creativity and freedom of expression, particularly in the digital age dominated by online portrayals and cancel culture.

Punk in Residence Program

The “Super Punk World” collection is part of Yuga Labs’ Punk in Residence program, launched in February. This initiative partners with artists to bring new works to life on the blockchain, celebrating and expanding the legacy of CryptoPunks. As the inaugural artist, Abney was given a “dev Punk” (#72), which she describes as “easygoing and cool, yet a bit mysterious.”

The selection of Abney as the first resident artist was serendipitous. Yuga Labs discovered her work during an exhibition at ICA Miami, recognizing her alignment with the disruptive ethos of web3 and CryptoPunks. This collaboration marks a significant step in integrating traditional and digital art forms.

Future Plans and Artist Support by Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs plans to make this residency a biannual event, featuring two artists from diverse backgrounds each year. The program provides a platform for artists worldwide, offering mentorship and technical support to help them bring their visions to the blockchain. Profits from the art sales are shared equally between the artists and Yuga Labs, ensuring that creators benefit directly from their contributions.


The collaboration between CryptoPunks and Nina Chanel Abney in the “Super Punk World” collection represents a groundbreaking fusion of traditional art and digital innovation. As Yuga Labs continues to support and expand the legacy of CryptoPunks through their Punk in Residence program, the art world is poised to witness a new era of creativity and expression on the blockchain.

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