STEPN Launches $30 Million Airdrop Ahead of Major Partnership

STEPN Launches $30 Million Airdrop Ahead of Major Partnership

In an exciting development, STEPN, the leading move-and-earn lifestyle app, has rolled out a generous airdrop campaign, distributing 100 million FSL Points to its dedicated community members. This initiative precedes an upcoming partnership announcement with a globally recognized sports brand, adding to the anticipation surrounding STEPN’s future.

The airdrop, conducted over a week-long event, is divided into two phases, concluding on Wednesday, April 10th. Phase one rewards STEPN badge holders, acknowledging their achievements within the app, while phase two targets Genesis Sneakers holders, offering enhanced rewards to the app’s most committed users.

These FSL Points hold significant value as they enable users to participate in future STEPN mints and increase their chances of securing exclusive prizes. Additionally, FSL Points can be seamlessly exchanged for GMT, STEPN’s native token, at a 1:1 conversion rate, further enhancing their utility within the platform’s ecosystem.

To claim their rewards, users must meet specific criteria, including signing up for an FSL ID, which facilitates seamless interaction and reward earning across various platforms within the FSL ecosystem, including STEPN, MOOAR, and Gas Hero.

STEPN: What Happened Before And What’s Ahead?

Since its inception in 2021 by FSL, STEPN has garnered widespread popularity by incentivizing physical activity through cryptocurrency rewards. With a user base of over 5 million, STEPN has emerged as a frontrunner in the move-and-earn sector, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards by simply tracking their physical activities via the smartphone app.

This airdrop campaign marks the beginning of a series of significant announcements from STEPN, aimed at consolidating its position in the market. As interest in fitness solutions integrating blockchain technology continues to grow, STEPN is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and redefine the intersection of physical activity and digital incentives.

We have decided to launch this huge airdrop campaign as a token of gratitude to our most loyal community members, providing them with priority access to our upcoming mints and other exclusive rewards. Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by Find Satoshi Labs, expressed gratitude to the community

With promising developments on the horizon, STEPN looks poised for a bright future at the forefront of the move-and-earn landscape.

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