Mazda Introduces Exclusive NFT Collection in Collaboration with Astar zkEVM’s “Yoki Origins” Campaign

Mazda Introduces Exclusive NFT Collection in Collaboration with Astar zkEVM’s “Yoki Origins” Campaign

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Mazda, the Japanese automotive giant, has ventured into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of its inaugural NFT collection as part of Astar Network’s “Yoki Origins” campaign. This collaboration signifies Mazda’s foray into the digital realm of blockchain technology and marks a significant milestone for both companies.

The collection, comprised of 10 NFTs inspired by Mazda’s iconic MX-5 MIATA, features a blend of Japanese aesthetics and subcultural essence. Two additional secret NFTs add an element of mystery and excitement to the collection.

This initiative is part of Astar Network’s ongoing campaign to promote the launch of its zkEVM platform, a Layer 2 solution powered by Polygon CDK. By partnering with Mazda, Astar aims to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing digital storytelling and brand engagement.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Mazda Motor Corporation on the ‘Yoki Origins’ campaign. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of communication and creativity, where NFTs serve as a medium for expressing brand identity and connecting with audiences in innovative ways. Said a representative from Astar Network

The collection includes NFTs featuring designs inspired by Mazda’s brand identity, Japanese seasons, and the city of Hiroshima. Each NFT is a unique piece of digital art that embodies Mazda’s legacy of automotive excellence and craftsmanship.

To participate in the campaign, enthusiasts can visit the YoPort on Astar’s platform, where they can explore the collection and acquire NFTs. The YoPort, reminiscent of Japanese Gacha Machines, adds an element of gamification to the experience, making it more interactive and engaging for users.

In addition to Mazda, the “Yoki Origins” campaign features collaborations with other Japanese companies, including Candy Girl, Casio, Japan Airlines, and Kyushu Railway Company. This diverse lineup of partners highlights the growing interest in blockchain technology across various industries and sectors.

As Astar Network continues to drive innovation in the web3 space, collaborations like these pave the way for new possibilities in digital art, storytelling, and brand engagement. With Mazda’s debut NFT collection, the automotive industry takes a bold step into the world of blockchain, signaling a new chapter in the evolution of digital experiences.

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