Doodles Unveils “Dullsville and the Doodleverse” Animation Film with Star-Studded Cast

Doodles Unveils “Dullsville and the Doodleverse” Animation Film with Star-Studded Cast

Doodles, the Ethereum-based NFT series renowned for its vibrant artwork, has announced its latest venture – an animated film titled “Dullsville and the Doodleverse.” Set for release this summer, the film promises to revolutionize the intersection of animation, music, and NFTs.

Dullsville and the Doodleverse: A Fusion of Creativity and Innovation

“Dullsville and the Doodleverse” represents a groundbreaking collaboration between Doodles, Golden Wolf studios, and an array of music industry luminaries. Spearheaded by acclaimed director Burnt Toast and produced by Golden Wolf, the film will feature an original soundtrack from Doodles Records.

The star-studded cast includes musical talents like Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, and Coi Leray, who will not only provide tracks for the film but also lend their voices to characters. This unique fusion of animation and music aims to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

Project Gray: A Transmedia Experience

Beyond the film itself, “Dullsville and the Doodleverse” is part of Project Gray, a multifaceted campaign encompassing live events, partnerships, merchandise, and digital collecting experiences. This transmedia approach seeks to immerse viewers in the world of Doodles, offering a comprehensive and interactive journey.

The project’s rollout will commence in early summer, with a grand finale scheduled for the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film will premiere before its global release.

In a recent statement, Doodles CEO Julian Holguin emphasized the company’s commitment to creative autonomy and innovation.

We chose to self-finance and develop our own content to maintain control over our vision. This project is a testament to our dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in entertainment. Said Holguin

Expanding Horizons with Doodles 2

In addition to the film announcement, Doodles continues to expand its creative reach with Doodles 2, hosted on the Flow blockchain. This evolution introduces new opportunities for personalization and interaction, including avatar customization and limited-edition wearable collections available for trading on the Gaia marketplace.

Since its inception in October 2021, Doodles has evolved from a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs to a leading force in the Web3 landscape. The launch of “Dullsville and the Doodleverse” represents a pivotal moment in the project’s journey, signaling its ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity.

As anticipation builds for the film’s release, enthusiasts can stay updated on Doodles’ latest developments and explore the Doodleverse through the immersive gallery experience offered exclusively to OG Doodles holders.

With “Dullsville and the Doodleverse,” Doodles invites audiences to embark on a thrilling journey into a world where imagination knows no bounds. As the boundaries between art, technology, and entertainment blur, the possibilities are endless in the vibrant universe of Doodles.

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