Bored & Hungry LA: A Culinary Journey Comes to a Close

Bored & Hungry LA: A Culinary Journey Comes to a Close

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After a vibrant two-year run, Bored & Hungry, the renowned Long Beach-based restaurant celebrated for blending NFT culture with delectable cuisine, has bid farewell to its original location. The closure marks the end of an era for burger aficionados and NFT enthusiasts alike, but it also signifies a new chapter in the restaurant’s story.

Originally established in April 2022, Bored & Hungry quickly garnered attention for its unique fusion of burger cuisine with branding inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT. Co-founder Andy Nguyen revealed that while the original Long Beach location has shuttered its doors, the restaurant’s branding has been acquired by Hungry DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), indicating exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Nguyen expressed gratitude to the supportive BAYC and Web3 community, emphasizing the groundbreaking use of digital IP assets to create a restaurant brand. Despite the closure of the original store, Bored & Hungry’s legacy will live on, with plans for a new U.S. location underway. Meanwhile, the restaurant continues to thrive in permanent locations in Seoul and Manila, serving as a testament to its enduring popularity.

The acquisition of the Bored & Hungry brand by Hungry DAO presents opportunities for future expansion and innovation. With additional sites in the Philippines, Seoul, South Korea, and upcoming pop-ups in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai, the brand’s global footprint continues to grow. The transition of the original staff to DAO shareholders ensures continuity and underscores the commitment to culinary excellence.

The closure of Bored & Hungry LA marks a significant milestone in the convergence of NFTs and traditional enterprises. It symbolizes the transformative potential of digital ownership and its ability to manifest physical ventures. As the restaurant bids farewell to its original location, it looks ahead with optimism to the next chapter of its journey, guided by the pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity.

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