Drop Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB

Drop Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB

It’s no secret that the crypto world carries a lot of both opportunities and risks. This is exactly what the Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB collection is about. This initiative was supported by the Audio Galleries project led by Benjamin White and TIME’s Web3 Community Initiative.

What is Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train NFT Collection?

Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train is an open edition NFT collection on the Ethereum network, which is part of the 15th series of the Audio Galleries NFT project. The focus of the collection is a painting that shows a screaming figure in a hoodie in front of a train. This is an allegory for missed opportunities, wealth, risks and experience in the crypto and NFT markets.

The creator of Arinabbart @Arinabbart thus demonstrates the various sides of this rapidly developing industry, remembering opportunities, risks, FOMO. Remember that there is always another train behind a departed train, and missed opportunities are just an opportunity to invest in NFTs.

But that’s not all: users who mint this open edition (green) and the Audio Galleries Mint Pass will receive a second black special edition for free.

Who is ArinaBB?

ArinaBB is a contemporary artist who already has a rich portfolio:

  • Her work in the NFT space has been recognized in publications like Fortune Magazine,
  • She has partnerships with international brands like L’Oréal Paris.
  • Her work has been purchased by many high-profile collectors, including Mike Tyson and Keith Grossman, previously of TIME.

You can recognize her style by the following elements:

  • Thanks to her own meditations, she puts inner depth into her work through acrylic paints,
  • Details of bright colors add stained glass to the picture,
  • Geometric motifs on the forehead of the characters mean the presence of the inner world of the soul.

What is the Audio Galleries NFT project?

Audio Galleries is a young Web3 project that connects digital artists with the community. Founder Benjamin White @TheNFT101 is also host, producer, consultant of SuperRare, RugRadio, DourDarcelsNFT. As part of the project, he regularly hosts shows on Twitter Spaces, interviewing artists and learning more about their lives, culture, creative process and inspiration.

The format is structured like this: every week Audio Galleries announces a new digital artist and his NFT project. Half an hour before the mint, the Benjamin White show is launched on Twitter Spaces with the artist so that the community can get to know the author better. The project has its own Mint Passes, which provide various benefits and airdrops for some collections.

Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB Official Links

When and where will Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train drop be?

Drop Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB takes place on OpenSea in 1 stage on Open Edition:

  • Starts: June 17 at 12:30 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.015 ETH. Limit: 50 per wallet,
  • Ends: June 20 at 12:30 AM GMT+7.
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