Drop The Working Dead: Skulls vs. Bots in a battle for knowledge

Drop The Working Dead: Skulls vs. Bots in a battle for knowledge

We are sure that the Working Dead: Bot Wars NFT project will still surprise everyone. In their universe, 5000 skulls against 5000 bots will soon be on the battlefield, and the winning side will receive various trophies and advantages. And behind the duel there is a much deeper idea: the project team is creating a Web3 learning platform on which each member of the community can learn and earn. This is the project of the future!

What is The Working Dead NFT Collection?

The Working Dead is a collection (Ethereum blockchain) of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs that are created from over 250 unique hand-drawn traits. Each token is a ticket to the Working Dead NFT ecosystem, where:

  • At the center is a long-term learning platform specifically tailored for Web3 topics and NFT audiences. This will allow the community to acquire new skills, share their knowledge.
  • A new incentive paradigm has been developed that will fairly reward both learners and creators. The authors eloquently call this paradigm “Learn and Earn”.
  • The native $WORK token is the basis and main currency of the entire ecosystem.

And if you manage to get into the whitelist, then your chances of taking your place in the gateway platform will increase. To do this, participate in various competitions and events in the community Discord channel. The team also distributes whitelist places via pre-mint.

The Working Dead Roadmap

The project has a detailed roadmap that the team strictly follows.

Completed to date:

  • Created a primary strong community of developers and artists,
  • The first collection of 6666 skulls has been released (Cardano blockchain),
  • Livepaper released, which describes all the ideas, mission and vision of the project,
  • Native token $WORK introduced,
  • Launched staking platform for Genesis collection

During implementation:

  • Launch of the alpha version of the learning platform,
  • Launching initial $WORK token utilities,
  • Reward system for content creators and students

In future:

  • Organization of events such as game jams, hackathons, etc. with a $WORK prize fund,
  • Quests and tasks to test knowledge and earn a native token,
  • Expansion of the innovative system for stimulating learning.

The Working Dead Official Links

When and where will The Working Dead drop be?

Drop The Working Dead NFTs takes place on OpenSea in 2 stages:

  • Whitelist sale: June 15 at 11:00 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.015 ETH.
  • Public stage: June 16 at 12:00 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.02 ETH. Limit: 25 per wallet.
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