Drop REMO’s World: Wake up your inner child with Joey Tadiar

Drop REMO’s World: Wake up your inner child with Joey Tadiar

How long has it been since all of us, adults and busy people, pleased our inner child? And if there is such an opportunity, also with real utility? This is the REMO’s World project that artist Joey Tadiar came up with and implemented. The main mission of the project is to satisfy your inner child, return each participant to childhood and remember collecting, from which our eyes burned before.

What is REMO’s World NFT Collection?

REMO’s World is an NFT collection of 500 REMO virtual pets (PFP NFT type) that look like cute aliens. They are the personification of the strange and the beautiful, the childish and the forgotten, which will help bring you back to childhood.

The project is built on the main 4 elements:

  1. Art Drops, within which on the first day of each month there will be a drawing of a branded toy.

  1. Physical Art. Before digital art, Joey Tadiar worked with canvas and oils. And now he’s giving all holders a chance to win his original artwork, including oil paintings, paper art, experimental stencils and sketches from his personal albums.
  2. Physical Toys. With the help of drawings, each owner can get a high-quality real toy made of resin with the help of an airbrush, aerosol and acrylic paints, markers. In addition, these toys will be available for sale.
  3. Evolution. In the future, all virtual pets will turn into a unique 1/1 toy that can be used as a PFP.

Usefulness of REMO’s World NFT Collection

Thanks to the REMO NFT pet, each owner will have the following benefits and privileges:

  • Exclusive access to a private Discord channel.
  • Access to the application portal for physical toys.
  • Participation in the monthly drawing of physical branded toys.
  • Participation in the monthly drawing of real works by the author of the NFT project Joey Tadiar.

When and where will REMO’s World drop?

REMO’s World NFT drop takes place on OpenSea in 3 stages:

  1. Voyager List: June 22 at 01:00 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.085 ETH.
  2. Pre-Public: June 22 at 01:15 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.085 ETH.
  3. Public Stage: June 22 at 04:15 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.085 ETH.
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