Drop ERA: An exciting journey to the cyberpunk planet

Drop ERA: An exciting journey to the cyberpunk planet

Are you ready for a new journey to a distant galaxy to the planet ERA, combining professional visuals, gamification and storytelling? You have the opportunity not only to become a member of a new project, but also to earn a $CONI token, free NFTs and places in the whitelist of future collections.

What is an ERA NFT collection?

ERA is a collection of 6000 cyberpunk NFTs. According to legend, ERA is a distant galactic planet where characters live, each of which is a representative of one of three species:

  1. Alphas,
  2. Omegas,
  3. NONs.
ERA nft
Some characters from the collection

Each species has its own unique abilities and attributes that will create the value and rarity of each token. In addition, the entire community on the ERA planet is divided into Tribes, based on common features. For example, the Aiko Tribe includes characters with the Aiko facial feature; The Katana Tribe includes characters with the Weapon: Katana trait. Further, your belonging to a certain tribe will play a big role in the activities.

What are the benefits of the ERA NFT Collection?

Already at the start, the project team presents an interesting experience and utilities for token holders:

  • Staking PFP on Twitter. You have the opportunity to earn $CONI token, free NFTs, and whitelist spots for future collections by posting ERA as a PFP on Twitter. The goal is to increase the coverage and popularization of the project in the social network and in space.
  • Tasks to increase the value of the NFT in the Nexus Hub. The team developed a system of daily and weekly challenges for the tribes, aimed at increasing the value and floor price of their characteristics. For example, you will need to follow a community member on Twitter, like and retweet, etc. When completing tasks, points are awarded to the entire tribe, and then the tribes with the highest number of points receive free NFTs every month and whitelist places from upcoming projects.
  • Chrome market, in which each owner can change the appearance of the traits of their characters. Traits such as “Face”, “Clothes”, “Cap”, “Hand” and “Hair” have various style options that can be customized without changing the rarity of the token itself.

These actions from the team aim to increase brand awareness on social media, increase social interaction within the community, and add value to the NFT.

Roadmap of ERA NFT Collection

The project already has a solid roadmap that includes the following plans and activities:

  • Launch of PFP staking on Twitter,
  • The launch of the Nexus Hub and the system of tasks and rewards,
  • Launch of the Chrome market,
  • The launch of Cyber Garage, where you can create your own squads using the main token and the token Coniun Pass,
  • Launch of own merch in Q3 2023,
  • Game launch in Q1 2024.

When and where will the ERA NFT collection drop?

The ERA drop takes place on OpenSea in 3 stages:

  1. Allowlist mint: April 19 at 2:00 PM UTC.
  2. Whatelist mint: April 19 at 01:10 AM GMT +7. Price: 0.1 ETH plus gas price.
  3. Public mint: April 20 at 01:10 AM GMT +7. Price: 0.12 ETH plus gas price. Limit: 1 per wallet.
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