Drop Calendar For Every Day: NFT for every good day of the year

Drop Calendar For Every Day: NFT for every good day of the year

Have you ever seen interesting and custom designed NFT calendars? No? Illustrator desvvt decided to correct this omission by creating a unique NFT collection Calendar For Every Day. To do this, he set a goal for himself from December 1, 2018: every day he created an illustration for a holiday or event that occurred on that day. At the same time, you will not find a single gloomy event – the collection was created from an optimistic point of view.

What is Calendar For Every Day NFT Collection?

Calendar For Every Day is a collection of 10980 NFTs (Ethereum blockchain), each of which is handcrafted and is an illustration of positive events for every day of the year.

This original NFT collection is created from three series, united by one theme:

  1. Happy Birthday – find out which celebrity was born on this day.

  1. Holiday Every Day – find out what positive event in the world happened on this day.

  1. Seven Fridays A Week – look at the world if every day was a happy Friday.

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When and where will Calendar For Every Day drop be?

NFT drop Calendar For Every Day takes place on OpenSea in 1 stage:

  • Public stage: June 16 at 11:00 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.12 ETH. Limit: 10000 per wallet.
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