Drop Afterburn The Song: Musical limited editon by Bully Meow

Drop Afterburn The Song: Musical limited editon by Bully Meow

Musical NFTs are gaining popularity, and the reasons for this are clear. The blockchain industry allows musicians to advance without involving streaming services and production centers, as well as to be closer to their audience. So did Bully Meow, who in the form of a drop represents the release of his own song Afterburn.

What is Afterburn The Song NFT Collection?

Afterburn The Song is a single from the musical NFT by Bully Meow with a magazine cover created by author Rhett Mankind (AI and XCOPY). You can listen to the track at the official link. In total, 780 editions are available for minting (it will last 5 days 4 hours 20 minutes), and in addition, the NFT 1/1 draw awaits you ahead.

After this single ahead you expect:

  • Punk Rock for the Metaverse (EP) – July 27th,
  • Avastar (Single) – August 10th.

Who is Bully Meow?

Bully Meow has been an active participant in the NFT market since 2017. Then he began to collect his first tokens, and from the end of 2020 he began to create musical NFTs and mint them on OpenSea. Bully Meow now has an NFT Top 100 music collection that includes his work based on Grammy-nominated recordings. You can listen to them in his gallery.

With these tracks he played in many bands, playing from metal to acid-jazz. But that’s not all: during this time, he played 56 live performances, 32 of them with more than 1800 fans.

Afterburn The Song Official Links

When and where will Afterburn The Song drop be?

NFT drop Afterburn The Song takes place on OpenSea in 2 stages:

  1. Presale: July 14 at 06:20 AM GMT+7. Price: 0.0069 ETH.
  2. Public mint: July 15 at 06:20 AM GMT+7. Price: 00.1 ETH. Limit: 3 per wallet.
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