Slimesunday launches ‘The Great Purge’ so everyone can get him unique NFTs

Slimesunday launches ‘The Great Purge’ so everyone can get him unique NFTs

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Slimesunday, a popular NFT artist in the genre of provocative erotica, announced a massive unique campaign on his Twitter. On August 21, his personal campaign will start on BASE, which is designed to get rid of illiquid and unattractive NFTs in exchange for his personal unique digital asset.

Through this action, the artist touched upon a very important and relevant issue in the NFT market – with the growing popularity of the NFT industry, there was a replacement of unique valuable creativity and a close-knit community of artists with a market based on manipulation, profit and fraud.

Thus, Slimesunday offers everyone to burn a certain amount of worthless NFTs from their crypto wallets, which are scams or failed projects. In exchange, the user will receive NFT, which is a symbol of quality, authenticity and the original spirit of innovation. For now, the visualization is being kept under wraps and will be revealed shortly.

The artist aims to remind the world that the NFT is not a quick money-maker; it’s revolutionary technology, community, long-term viability, and true value. And we, the NFTmetria team, fully support the Slimesunday initiative and will closely monitor and consecrate the development of the new project.

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