Animoca Brands Japan Launches NFT Launchpad for Summer 2024

Animoca Brands Japan Launches NFT Launchpad for Summer 2024

Animoca Brands Japan, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has announced plans to introduce an NFT launchpad in the summer of 2024. This launchpad, currently accepting applications from Web3 projects, aims to revolutionize the NFT landscape. While the launchpad’s official name will be disclosed in early May 2024, its mission is clear: to provide a platform for projects and creators to sell their NFTs while receiving comprehensive support in sales strategies and marketing.

NFT Launchpad by Animoca Brands Japan: Empowering Web3 Creators

This initiative by Animoca Brands Japan signifies more than just a platform for NFT sales. It’s a holistic approach to empower project creators in navigating the complexities of Web3 sales and marketing. With Animoca Brands’ extensive portfolio of over 400 Web3 investments, the company is dedicated to advancing digital property rights and decentralization, ultimately aiming to create an open metaverse.

By leveraging its vast network of portfolio companies and their 700 million users worldwide, Animoca Brands Japan seeks to expand opportunities for Web3 application and development, benefiting both local and international projects.

Details of the NFT Launchpad by Animoca Brands Japan

While the official name is yet to be unveiled, the launchpad is set to go live in the summer of 2024. It will offer various sales methods, including lottery and first-come, first-served, with flexible payment options such as credit cards and crypto assets. Supporting the ERC-721 token standard on both Ethereum and Polygon chains, the platform ensures a diverse range of opportunities for project creators and collectors alike.

Interested parties are encouraged to follow Animoca Brands Japan on X for updates and to explore application opportunities. With the launch scheduled for 2024, there’s ample time for potential project applicants to prepare and stay informed about the latest developments through Animoca Brands Japan’s official channels.

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