Co-founder of DeGods NFTs FINN leaves the project

Co-founder of DeGods NFTs FINN leaves the project

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Just a couple of days after the sensational news about the launch of the 3rd season of the DeGods NFT collection, one of the co-founders of the project FINN announced his departure after almost 2 years of work.

According to him, the departure is not associated with any recent events, and he began the process in early July. And he sees his development in the future beyond DeGods and y00ts, but he still looks optimistically at the projects themselves.

Rohun “Frank” Vora, another co-founder of the NFT project, explained that the colleague’s departure was due to a mismatch with the company’s growth rate, and FINN’s skills did not grow as the project scaled.

This news adds to the hype around the popular project. Amid general market volatility and volatility, as well as mixed community response to the launch of Season 3, FINN’s departure is adding to the turmoil in the community. This in total is reflected in the price indicators of the collection. In just a week, the floor price fell by more than 50%, reflecting the sensitivity and complexity of the NFT market.

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