NFT Studio and Labs

Aren't you surprised by stories like how a few previously unknown guys at home create NFT collections or games that millions of people and dozens of investors become interested in? But it was these guys who created the best NFT companies, studios and labs. Today they create trends in the NFT market, receive multimillion-dollar incomes and investments.   In this section, we have prepared for you an overview of all the most successful and influential NFT companies, studios and labs:
  • Larva Labs is the creator of the world famous Cryptopunks and Meebits;
  • Yuga Labs is a leading company in the NFT market, the creator of the insanely expensive BAYC and MAYC,
  • Dapper Labs is the creator of CryptoKitties, FLOW and NBA Top Shot,
  • Animoca Brands is a global corporation in the world of NFT and blockchain games, the creator of the Sandbox game;
  • Sky Mavis is the creator of the world's most popular blockchain game Axie Infinity;
  • Gala;
  • Enjin;
  • Cool Cats;
  • Liberty Gaming and others.
All of these companies have one thing in common - they have all reached insane heights in the NFT market in just a couple of years. But they came to this in completely different ways. Now these companies are role models, they are looked up to, they are talked about, they are followed. It is these corporations that will set trends in the near future and further shape the NFT market. You can be just an observer, an active user of their products, or a rational investor. In any case, these brands will be in the top news in the NFT world.
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