Steve Aoki and STEPN Release Limited-Edition NFT Sneaker Collection

Steve Aoki and STEPN Release Limited-Edition NFT Sneaker Collection

World-renowned music DJ and 2x Grammy-nominated artist, Steve Aoki, is once again breaking boundaries, this time in the digital realm. In collaboration with the move-to-earn fitness app STEPN, Aoki is launching a co-branded sneaker NFT collection. This partnership marks a significant move in merging the metaverse with reality and represents a bridge to the future of fashion and technology.

A0K1VERSE @a0k1verse, Aoki’s innovative ecosystem, has been the canvas for various groundbreaking projects. In this latest venture, 300 limited-edition Steve Aoki x STEPN Collaborative Sneakers will be introduced. These NFT sneakers, available in four unique designs – Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer, will redefine the concept of footwear in the virtual world.

The Genesis co-branded sneaker mint is set to take place from October 31st to November 4th on the MOOAR Marketplace, powered by the Solana blockchain. Of the 300 NFT sneakers, 240 will be up for auction, giving enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of this historic collaboration. Each NFT sneaker is priced at 3,500 GMT, Solana’s native token, approximately equivalent to $695 USD.

Steve Aoki x STEPN Collaborative: A New Era of Fashion and Fitness

What sets this collection apart is its fusion of fashion and functionality. Owners of these NFT sneakers can sync them with their phones through the STEPN app. As users walk, jog, or run, they earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. This move-and-earn concept not only transforms how people engage with fashion but also blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

Collaborating with STEPN is an exciting step towards bringing the metaverse and the real world closer together. This co-branded sneaker NFT collection isn’t just about fashion; it’s a bridge to the future. Shared Aoki, reflecting on the transformative potential of this initiative

Steve Aoki x STEPN: A Visionary Partnership

The collaboration with STEPN aligns seamlessly with Aoki’s vision for A0K1VERSE. It also highlights STEPN’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the Web3 space.

Steve Aoki continues to push boundaries and demonstrate immense innovation. This partnership highlights our commitment to this cause and underscores the potential of our industry. Shiti Manghani, COO at Find Satoshi Lab, the studio behind STEPN, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about the collaboration

This partnership not only pioneers a new era in fashion and fitness but also demonstrates the limitless possibilities of integrating NFTs into everyday experiences.

As the world watches this collaboration unfold, it becomes evident that the future of fashion and technology is here, and it’s more exciting than ever before. Stay tuned for the Genesis co-branded sneaker mint and witness the dawn of a new era in digital fashion.

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