Rarible launched RaribleX: The next NFT platform for mass adoption

Rarible launched RaribleX: The next NFT platform for mass adoption

Recognizing the evolving needs of the NFT landscape, Rarible, a leading NFT platform and marketplace, has introduced its groundbreaking product, RaribleX, on November 1. This turnkey marketplace solution represents a significant leap in the evolution of NFT use cases, offering tailored solutions for the Web3 community.

RaribleX: A Glimpse into the Future of NFTs

The NFT market is undergoing a transformation, heralding the arrival of new use cases beyond traditional art and profile picture (PFP) collections. RaribleX anticipates this shift by providing a diverse array of marketplaces tailored to specific ecosystems. Unlike the generic one-size-fits-all approach, RaribleX embraces vertical marketplaces, each catering to unique user experiences.

What Sets RaribleX Apart?

RaribleX is more than just an NFT marketplace; it’s a visionary ecosystem that empowers brands, creators, and developers. By eliminating the complexities of launching an NFT drop or establishing a custom secondary marketplace, RaribleX becomes a game-changer for traditional brands venturing into the world of Web3. The platform allows custom fees, enforces royalties, and offers a brand-centric, user-friendly interface.

RaribleX: Leading the Charge in Mass Adoption

RaribleX is not merely an NFT concept; it’s a result of over two years of meticulous development. The NFT platform has already made a significant impact in the market. For instance, it powered the marketplace for McFarlane Toys, enabling the company to generate over $1,000,000 GMV in primary and secondary sales. Furthermore, RaribleX collaborated with Mattel, hosting digital collectibles for iconic brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels, attracting over 215,000 unique users.

We’ve been building RaribleX with brands like Mattel and MacFarlane Toys in stealth for some time now. To see some of these custom marketplaces hit over 1 million USDC in GMV in under six months is wild. It just goes to show how NFTs are more than just a fad – they’re a game-changer for brands. Commented Alex Salnikov, Rarible’s co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer

RaribleX is not just an NFT marketplace; it’s a user-centric hub designed to facilitate standout digital offerings. By integrating seamlessly with prominent crypto wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase on Ethereum and Polygon, coupled with credit card payment options, RaribleX ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience. Its audited smart contracts and robust infrastructure, supported by the $RARI token, guarantee a secure environment for mainstream brands and creators.

Looking Ahead

RaribleX is a testament to the transformative power of NFTs. As the NFT landscape continues to evolve, RaribleX stands as a beacon, guiding brands and creators toward a future where innovative digital offerings and meaningful community connections redefine the way we engage with the world of Web3. Visit x.rarible.com to explore the limitless possibilities of RaribleX.

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