Nike and RTFKT Unveil Next-Gen Dunk Genesis Sneakers in Public Presale

Nike and RTFKT Unveil Next-Gen Dunk Genesis Sneakers in Public Presale

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nike and digital fashion brand RTFKT have launched the public presale of their latest creation, the RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers. This collection deviates from the norm as these futuristic sneakers can be acquired without the need for a corresponding RTFKT NFT.

Nike x RTFKT: Futuristic Fashion for All

Breaking from the previous trend of requiring NFT ownership, the RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers come in two editions: the Nike x RTFKT Dunk Ghost Edition and Dunk VOID Edition, priced at $222 each. The associated t-shirt, featuring brand logos and the catchy phrase “Oops, You Stepped Into the Future,” is also available for enthusiasts.

The presale is live, and both editions of the Dunk Genesis collection can be pre-ordered here.

Nike x RTFKT: Innovative Design and Personalization

Staying true to RTFKT’s futuristic design legacy, the Dunk Genesis sneakers boast features like a detachable “Vial Clip Tongue” and a “Modular Heel Shield” that allows for personalization. What sets this generation apart is the inclusion of 3D files for the sneakers, empowering buyers to create their own modifications for a truly unique style.

Adding to the innovation, these sneakers incorporate an NFC chip—the RTFKT World Merging chip. This feature allows owners to link their physical shoes to a digital asset, unlocking a related digital collectible.

Both editions of the Dunk Genesis collection have projected ship dates, with the VOID Edition expected by July 31, 2024, and the Ghost Edition by August 31, 2024. Although the blockchain for NFT minting remains unspecified, both RTFKT and Nike have a history of using Ethereum and Polygon, respectively.

Nike x RTFKT: A History of Collaboration

This collaboration is not the first between Nike and RTFKT. Previous releases like the RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and the CryptoKicks sneakers in 2022 required the ownership of an NFT. RTFKT, known for its Clone X NFT collection, is a major player in the NFT market, adding allure to this unique sneaker partnership. The Nike x RTFKT Dunk Genesis marks a significant stride into the future of footwear, blending traditional style with the digital era.

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