CyberKongz Launches Prometheans Collection, Bitcoin NFTs Surge

CyberKongz Launches Prometheans Collection, Bitcoin NFTs Surge

CyberKongz, a pioneering Ethereum NFT project, has ventured into the realm of Bitcoin NFTs with the launch of its highly anticipated collection, Prometheans. This move comes strategically ahead of the upcoming Runes Protocol debut and the much-anticipated Bitcoin Halving event.

The Prometheans collection aims to release 21,000 assets across 16 batches, symbolizing the pinnacle of evolution inspired by the transformative nature of Bitcoin. In a remarkable feat, 8,400 NFTs have already been airdropped to 20 leading Ordinals communities and 1,200 CyberKongz holders on the Ethereum blockchain.

Trading on Magic Eden (ME) commenced shortly after the debut, with Prometheans fetching an average price of approximately $1,697 each (0.0275 BTC) on the secondary marketplace. Within just 24 hours, the collection’s market cap has skyrocketed to an impressive $4.8 million (80.7454 BTC) on ME, demonstrating the immense demand for these new Bitcoin NFTs.

The Artistic Essence of Prometheans

Prometheans hold a special significance within the CyberKongz universe, representing the transformative power of Bitcoin through artistic expression. Combining elements of sacred geometry, ancient mythology, and philosophical ideas, each NFT in the collection embodies the essence of Bitcoin culture.

Geometric designs reminiscent of craftsmanship from 800 BCE and symbolic representations of time and generosity converge to create a visually stunning portrayal of the CyberKongz lore and Bitcoin ethos. At the heart of the artwork shines a luminous sphere, paying homage to Satoshi Nakamoto’s revolutionary gift to the world with the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009.

As CyberKongz continues to redefine the boundaries of NFT innovation, Prometheans stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Bitcoin and its transformative impact on the digital art landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as the Prometheans collection continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

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